Hazel’s Diary Quilt: Coal Miner’s Granddaughter (Block 4)

Happy Friday, friends! I have a Friday Finish to show you: Coal Miner’s Granddaughter, Block 4 in the sampler quilt known as Hazel’s Diary Quilt:

When I posted this block on my blog earlier in the week, the center of it was empty. Here’s a before-and-after shot:

Quite a difference, eh?

I gave myself the entire month of March to complete this block — and here it is done on the 9th of March. Can you guess why?

The answer: because I didn’t put off working on the appliqué until the end of the month. Can you guess why?

The answer: because I was eager to get to it!

I do believe I’ve turned a corner when it comes to needleturn appliqué. I still have a very long way to go to become truly proficient but I’ve seen an improvement in my skills since starting this project in January. More to the point, I am enjoying needleturn appliqué instead of approaching it with trepidation.

Here are my three blocks completed so far:

The quilt calls for nine blocks, one of which goes in a center medallion. The block at the top is the one Shelly Pagliai, the designer of Hazel’s Diary Quilt, chose for the center of her beautiful quilt:

Once all of my blocks are made I’ll choose my favorite and put that one in the center medallion.

Do you have a favorite so far?




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11 Responses to Hazel’s Diary Quilt: Coal Miner’s Granddaughter (Block 4)

  1. Diane says:

    Oh don’t make me pick a favorite – it’s simply impossible. Your applique work looks perfect to me so I’m not sure why you don’t think so! What I love so much about this quilt are the primary colors and the block patterns make me feel happily nostalgic!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Looks like you’re having fun!
    I like the fussy cutting on the red petals.
    The appliques are looking good!

  3. Vickie says:

    How in the world can I choose a favorite? Love all of them but this last one is such a cutie.

  4. Shirley says:

    Sorry, cannot pick a favorite because all of the quilts you have made are beauuuutttiful!!! Any one would make the recipient very proud to be gifted one of your treasures… xxxoxxx

  5. Arden says:

    I have the fabrics, and the book way before you began. You are motivating me to get busy. I love your colors, (better than the original’s). I also plan to use primary colors of Jill Finley and a couple other lines……#3 I think….

  6. Virginia Hammon says:

    #4-coal miner’s granddaughter. It has weight and punch, so I’d put it in the middle based on these three…..but, I really wouldn’t pick my center til I could see them all. 🙂

  7. Nancy Smith says:

    Wow wow wow wow!!! Beautiful!! I like the one with the red flower, the coal miner’s granddaughter best. I think it would make a really vibrant center block.

  8. Sandy says:

    Dawn, your blocks are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can hardly wait to see more!

  9. Reigh says:

    Love this quilt! It’s very fresh looking with all the bright white spaces. Kind of old fashioned coziness. The appliqué is wonderful!

  10. Auntie Em says:

    I like the bright color palette you are using.
    Glad you are starting to enjoy needle turn. Gives me hope….LOL!

  11. Tracy Hayes says:

    They are simply divine! So excited to see the completed project. My favorite so far is the block on the left!

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