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Do you have any idea how hard it is to find men’s shirts with two simple patch pockets? It’s the only kind the Dear Husband likes to wear. Most shirts nowadays are made with one pocket — or none at all. On the rare occasions when I spot dress or casual shirts with two pockets, I buy several. It’s been a few years since I’ve found some, and many of the DH’s shirts are wearing out. (If you see any two-pocket shirts during your holiday shopping expeditions, please email me!)

Macy’s was having a big sale on men’s shirts last week so I picked up a few. Alas, none of them came with two pockets. I’ll show you what I did to remedy that (something I’ve been doing for 30-odd years).

This particular shirt had no pockets:

shirt 1, before

First, I cut off the sleeves at elbow length and narrow hemmed them. I cut the lower part of one sleeve apart and pressed it flat:

shirt 2, sleeves off-001

These sleeves were extra long so I was able to fashion two pockets out of one sleeve remnant. Here’s one of the pockets as seen from the front . . .

pocket front 500

. . . and from the back:

pocket back 500
Here are both pockets made and sewn onto the shirt:

shirt 3, after
It’s a little hard to see these pockets because the stripes are matched. Here’s a close-up:

shirt 4, pocket detail-001
Oh, and here’s the best part: the price tag:

shirt 5, price tag-001





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  1. Lisa Kus says:

    Gorgeous attention to perfection, Dawn!

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