Reach for the Stars: Block 4

Before I show you my Block 4, I must confess that I modified the design. I’m making Terri Krysan’s queen-size medallion sampler quilt, seen here in the pages of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine:


(Copyright Quilter’s Newsletter. Used with permission. Photo by Melissa Karlin Mahoney.)

Terri Krysan’s quilt is a vision of loveliness in creams, tans and black fabrics. I’m using greens and blues instead of creams and tans in my version.

Here’s a shot of the original Block 4:

2014-2 RFTS Block 4 QN Mahoney

(Copyright Quilter’s Newsletter. Used with permission. Photo by Melissa Karlin Mahoney.)

I just wasn’t loving the center of the block.  I saw that Terri Krysan incorporated circles in two of the 14 blocks that surround the center medallion so I decided to put a circle in the center of my Block 4:

2014-2 RFTS Block 4

That circle (fussy-cut, of course) is not appliquéd — it’s set in, using my favorite freezer-paper method. You may have also noticed that I changed the fabric placement slightly in the corner blocks to accentuate the solid black star points.

Here is my Block 4 on point:

2014-2 RFTS Block 4 on point


I hope you’re also following the progress of fellow Reach for the Stars quilters Jennifer G. and Jennifer T. in Texas and Sherri C. in Tennessee. You can see photos of their blocks on Jennifer G.’s blog, Seams Crazy.

And please check back in with me. It’s been snowing for three days — very unusual for Portland, Oregon. We are effectively snowed in — the perfect excuse to hunker down and start working on Block 5!




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8 Responses to Reach for the Stars: Block 4

  1. Reigh Hays says:

    Love the circles! It’s going to be another masterpiece – that’s easy to see even at this early stage. Beautiful color choice too!

  2. Charlie says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Vickie says:

    This is a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing your progress.

  4. Virginia Hammon says:

    I like your alterations. Curious about the ‘freezer paper’ non-applique…are you using the top stitch Sandy Ray taught for her hearts quilt? (I’m blanking on the name of the stitch….^…..^…..^)

    • Dawn says:

      Are you thinking of the buttonhole stitch, Virginia? No, there’s no stitching on the front side of the block. The circle is actually inset. It’s the technique I use in my Full Moon Rising patterns. I’ll explain it when I see you next!

  5. Diane says:

    Nubs, your instincts are perfect considering your fabric! How creative! I remain in awe. Just have one question – which room in your home will welcome a remake to showcase this true masterpiece?

    xxxooo Nubs

  6. Jennifer says:

    I wanted to comment because I am also making this quilt. I started it about two weeks ago and I just found your blog today.
    I am making mine in shades of pewter, gold, blue, and black.
    This morning I completed block 4 and realized that although it looks really cool in a straight setting, it looks a little off-kilter when the block is set on point.
    Great modification on block 4! You are doing what the designer did when she modified her block of the month sampler quilt to come up with Reach for the Stars!

  7. Dawn says:

    Another Jennifer in our Reach for the Stars group — welcome! You discovered what bothers me about the middle of Block 4 — it looks good as a square but not as a diamond because it looks unbalanced on point. That said, I love the blocks that the others in the group are making. And we would love to see yours!

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