Bow Tucks Tote

I made this tote as a birthday present for my friend Vivienne:

Viv's tote front
A Tote for Vivienne


The pattern is Bow Tucks Tote, designed by Penny Sturges of A couple of months ago I saw this tote on display at Sew Creative, a quilt shop in Ashland, Oregon, and knew right away that I wanted to make one for Viv. In addition to being an exceptionally talented quilter and stitcher, Viv is an avid knitter, and I figured the tote would be a good size for a knitting project. It measures about 13″ wide, 11″ tall, and 5″ deep.

Inside the tote are pockets on all four sides:

Viv's Bow Tucks Tote, inside
A Peek Inside


For good measure I added a pocket on the back side of the tote:

Viv's tote back
Pockets Galore


In a departure from the directions, I used a contrasting fabric on the inside of the straps. I also made them a bit wider and longer.

Here’s a side view of the tote, which shows you how it got its name:

VIv's Bow Tucks Tote, side view
All Tied Up


When I was in Central Oregon last month for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I found this vintage yellow button for a dollar:

Viv's tote button detail
Vintage Button Trim

Don’t you agree it’s the perfect finishing touch?

Happy Birthday, Viv!




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7 Responses to Bow Tucks Tote

  1. Sherri Crisp says:

    Dawn, I love it! and you’re right! The yellow button is the perfect finishing touch.

  2. Margaret says:

    That is an awesome purse and, yes, the button is absolutely perfect.

  3. Tamarama says:

    This is so great! I am going to try to get it off Vivienne next time I see her! 😉

  4. Vivienne says:

    I love my tote. Thanks, Dawn!

  5. Jennie says:

    Very nice!

  6. Dianne Mitzel says:

    Your work is exquisite! I have never seen such attention to detail…it’s inspiring to see someone take such pains to create something that is so well-made.

  7. Debi Weinert says:

    Great tote! Thanks for sharing.

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