Update: Junior Billie Bag

In my last post I showed you the front and back panels of my Junior Billie Bag, the quintessential quilter’s tote designed several years ago by my teacher and mentor Billie Mahorney. I also showed you the array of fabrics by Camelot Cottons that I’m using in the interior of the bag. Here are several of those cheerful prints made into pockets for my Billie Bag:

Jr Billie Bag inside pockets

A lot of pockets. A plethora of pockets! At last count: 17. And that doesn’t include the pockets that are going on the outside of the bag.

With the pockets and handles attached to one panel, it’s really starting to look like a Billie Bag:

Jr Billie Bag front

The two sets of handles make it possible to carry the bag over the shoulder or by hand, like a satchel. It’s so nice to have both options in a tote that holds a lot of supplies.

Now it’s time to sew straps and pockets to the other panel:

Jr Billie Bag back panel and pockeets

On this last day of 2015 — a cold, sunny day in Portland, Oregon — I am enjoying spending time in my sewing room working on my Junior Billie Bag. Later on, since the Dear Husband and I prefer to stay home on New Year’s Eve, I’ll make an extra special dinner and we’ll spend a quiet evening playing Scrabble, watching TV, and toasting the New Year with champagne.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Here’s to a great 2016!




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7 Responses to Update: Junior Billie Bag

  1. Sandy Vick says:

    Now that’s my idea of a perfect New Years Eve!!!

  2. Lisa Phillips says:

    Love the colors Dawn!
    Cheers to you and yours….XO

  3. Jeanne says:

    So cute! Love the fabrics.

  4. Colleen says:

    Love your new Billie Bag! It is so cheerful. Have a wonderful New Years Eve with Charlie!!

  5. Charles White says:

    Wow. Billie Jr. is surpassing Billie Sr. Each generation builds on the one before. The original Billie must be proud of the woman who is carrying on her work.

  6. Claudia McCarter says:

    Would this work for embroidery supplies?
    What are the dimensions?

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