The Third Dimension

It’s official: my Junior Billie Bag has reached the 3D stage.

If you’ve been following me at First Light Designs, you know I’m working on a Junior Billie Bag, the quintessential quilter’s tote designed by Billie Mahorney.  A smaller scale version of Billie’s original bag, the Junior measures 14″ x 17″ x 7½” — the perfect size for toting a large (but manageable) amount of quilting supplies.

One of the panels (front or back? I haven’t decided yet) has been attached to the side panels and bottom, and the binding has been sewn on. This is what the bag looks like from the outside . . .

Jr Billie Bag flattened view
. . . and this is what it looks like from the inside:

Jr Billie Bag inside view of pockets
To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis, there’s a whole lot of pockets going on!

With the binding applied along this panel, my Junior Billie Bag is looking more finished. Now you can easily see how the two sets of handles come into play (although you see only half of them here):

Jr Billie Bag one side with binding sewn on

The longer straps go over the shoulder; the smaller straps make it easy to carry the bag like a satchel. The best of both worlds.

When you see this bag next, it will be completed! Before the first week of 2016 is over, I expect to have my first finish to report.

I’d say the New Year is off to a very good start.




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4 Responses to The Third Dimension

  1. Cathy says:

    What a fantastic bag! Thanks for the peek inside! Love it! Gonna check out the pattern right away!!!

    • Dawn says:

      Cathy, the designer of the bag, Billie Mahorney, never wanted to write a pattern — so there isn’t one. She preferred to teach classes on how to make the bag. I’m teaching a couple of classes in March and April, which won’t do you much good unless you live in Portland, Oregon!

  2. Vickie says:

    Love how this is turning out! All the class participants are going to have such a grand time. Did I read in one of your posts that there are 17 pockets in this bag? Love it! I like to have lots of different little pouches to organize my quilting take alongs by activity so all the items used at the machine are in one and another is ready for the ironing board and another for marking and so forth. Looking forward to seeing this finished!

  3. Diane says:

    Even for a non-sewer, this bag is appealing! I can imagine all sorts of things I might put in the pockets. Ah, the essence of re-purposing!!

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