A Quartet of Mini Rings and a Thank You

Mini Rings four blocks

Four of nine blocks for my Mini Rings quilt, made using the QCR Mini (mini Quick Curve Ruler), are done.

I’ve run out of background fabric, a white-on-white Michael Miller pindot. I could make more blocks using one of several other white-on-white prints in my stash but I am  holding out for having all my blocks the same. A little obsessive-compulsive, perhaps? Now I have to hope that the fabric I ordered on line is from a similar enough dye lot that no one can see the difference between the old and the new. You would be surprised, even with white and black fabrics, how much dye lots can differ.

Working on these blocks has helped take my mind off the loss of my little cat Theodora, subject of my previous post. Thank you so much to those of you who wrote consoling comments on my blog. I cried the entire time I was writing that post, and I cried while reading the comments.

In the 35 years my husband Charlie and I have lived in this house, we’ve never been without a cat. If one of our cats died, there was at least one still at home to help ease the grief. Not so now, since Theo’s last feline companion, Elfie, died three years ago.

Charlie and I are going to the Oregon Humane Society next week, hoping to bring home a cat (maybe two) in need of a “forever home.” Although it seems a little disloyal to Theo’s memory, I’ve already been on the OHS website looking at pictures and descriptions of available cats. There are some very sweet looking ones! We’ll choose an adult cat, since the older ones are not considered as adoptable as kittens.

By the time of my next post, there may be a new resident of the Portland White House.




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6 Responses to A Quartet of Mini Rings and a Thank You

  1. Rebecca says:

    I too had a black cat with one white whisker. I took him in when dogs were chasing him on my front porch. He had been declawed. No way to protect himself from those dogs and they were only doing what is natural for them too. I couldn’t believe people would allow him outside after that was done. Anyway, the vet thought he was probably about 7 years old, he followed me like a dog. He could barely meow, I always thought he had cried for help for so long he lost his voice thus his name – Squeaky. We didn’t have many years together, he developed a very aggressive cancer of the mouth. On his way to kitty heaven he spread the word there was a sucker with cat food left in her kitchen – another full grown gray kitty showed up “starving”. I have to laugh now though, he couldn’t have been but so hungry, he weighed 18 pounds his first visit to the vet ;-D I didn’t think I wanted another so soon either but Nicholas is my little man. If a picture shows up with my comment that is Squeaky – still can’t bear to replace it. Share your love with another one or two and save their lives.

  2. Jeanne says:

    It’s not disloyal to look for a new kitty or two — Theo has left a void, and you need a new fuzzball to love. If you had a bad experience with a cat, you might not be as eager to replace it.
    Looking forward to meeting a new member/s of the family!

  3. Vickie says:

    Oh tears, they can be annoying at times but they are the cleansing rain of our hearts so embrace every teardrop as your heart heals. I know you will meet the perfect new friend to love. Peace!

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m so glad to hear you will be adopting a new kitty or two! There are so many cats and dogs that need loving homes. Your new babies won’t realize how lucky they are to be adopted into your home.

  5. Lisa D'Andrea says:

    Great news about the new cats in need of a loving home. They will know immediately they’ve hit the jackpot. Such a loving tribute to Theodora and all your cats that you soon share your home again. The other cats taught you how wonderful it is to love a cat and I can think of no finer tribute than to go on loving. Can’t wait to hear about them!

  6. I’m sorry I missed seeing your posts until now. I cried for your loss, reading through the earlier one. I am owned by cats too, and have a special affinity for black ones. I have seen on your IG feed that you have brought home Coco, so I look forward to seeing her grow in your family. All my best to you and virtual hugs from Houston.

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