Where I’m @ on Rewind

Rewind blocks mid august
Isn’t that a pretty jumble of batiks? I’m almost half done with the wonky Greek key blocks for my Rewind quilt, the one designed by Karla Alexander that I started in a class with her last month in Sisters, Oregon as part of Quilter’s Affair 2016.

I need 48 blocks to make the design pictured here:


I’m working in sets of four, stacking my squares and drawing my cutting lines freehand the way Karla showed us in class. Here are my two most recent sets:

Rewind blocks freeform

More freeform Rewind blocks

In the pair of green/gold blocks directly above, take a look at the gold print, which reminds me of spots on a giraffe. Do you see how the giraffe fabric is the dark in those blocks and the green is the light? I used that same giraffe print in one of my early pairs, and in those blocks it was the lighter of the two:

2016-08-12 11.30.28

Here are the two sets of blocks together, with the giraffe print reading dark/light in the top row and light/dark in the second row:

Rewind blocks with giraffe fabric
My quilt is going to be called Where It’s @.  I’ll bet you can figure out why.




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3 Responses to Where I’m @ on Rewind

  1. Diane says:

    This one looks like it is really fun to put together. I’m expecting the outcome to be fun as well – perfect for a lap in the Portland White House on movie night!! 😀

  2. Carol Stark says:

    Love it and colors!!!!

  3. Reigh says:

    Fun pattern! This one will be quite different than others you’ve made. Versatility abounds!

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