An iPad Pro Cover for Someone Special

The “someone special” is my stepmother Shirley, aka the Irish Princess. That’s what my dad calls her. They’ve been married well over 50 years, and I think she has earned the title.

Shirley asked me to make a quilted case for her new iPad Pro. She got the 9.7″-inch size, the smaller of two sizes the iPad Pro comes in. When I asked about fabric colors for the case, she simply asked for “something with green.”

“No problem!” said I, knowing I have more greens in my stash than any other color. I picked a brightly colored leaf print on a black background and then chose four other prints containing green for the lining, pockets, and binding.

Here’s a look at Shirley’s iPad Pro cover along with a mock tablet measuring 6⅝” x 9½” that I cut from a piece of foam core similar in thickness to the real thing:

When folded, as in the photo above, the cover measures 8″ x 10½”.

Here’s what the cover looks like on the inside:

The striped pocket on the upper inside holds the charger cord; the lower pocket in the leaf print is divided. The wide side is for earphones, the narrow one for a stylus or pen.

Now for the back of the cover:

See those two green elastic strips? They come around to the front to hold the case together when it needs to be closed, say for travel:

In their original position the elastic strips help hold the iPad Pro in place if Shirley wants to lay it on a flat surface to use it. The back of the cover is fortified with Peltex, a very stiff interfacing.

Shirley’s iPad Pro cover is modeled on one I made in 2013 for my iPad Mini. I made a few other versions, pictured here, for family and friends:

2013-3, iPad Mini covers

All I needed to do to make this one for Shirley was to change the dimensions.




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7 Responses to An iPad Pro Cover for Someone Special

  1. Maxine says:

    I like the elastic closure, Dawn. I tried making an I-Pad cover with the tape measure method, like those little bags at the Pine Needle, but it isn’t strong enough to stay closed if you tip it upside down.

  2. Diane says:

    Shirley is going to love it! Having been a recipient myself of a ‘Creation by Dawn’, I just know she will feel incredibly special.

  3. Shirley weissenfluh says:

    Oh Dawn, what a special iPad cover. I shall treasure such a useful gift of love. The fabrics you have chosen are just what I would have picked.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to seeing you and Diane tomorrow.

  4. Sandy says:

    You are amazing. I wish you were my sister!

  5. Jeanne says:

    So cute!

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