In the Christmas Spirit

My husband and I are still in Georgia, enjoying a few more days with my sister Diane and her husband Ed. With memories of a fabulous Thanksgiving feast behind us, our thoughts are now turning toward the next big holiday.

Diane has been decorating their home for  Christmas, with a few items chosen to delight their seven-year-old grandson. In the dining room, for example, Santa reigns:

The garland on the built-in buffet is adorned with sparkly fruit and berries:


Suspended from the light fixture in the hallway is a pair of kissing balls the size of bowling balls:

In the living room, the mantel is decorated with an elegant lighted garland:


Also in the living room are a couple of simple but elegant additions. . .

. . . and a tiny tree next to the piano:

In the kitchen you’ll find this charming vignette above the range:

The front and back doors have large wreaths:


Even the powder room gets the holiday treatment:

Every day I notice something new: kitchen towels decorated with snowmen, jingle bells and tiny needlepoint pillows hanging from doorknobs, Christmas-themed bowls and spreaders for hors d’oeuvres displayed on the counter, a nutcracker standing guard on the fireplace surround.

I really do think Diane has a knack for decorating. Her home is graciously appointed all year around but right now, decked out for the holidays, it is especially beautiful.



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5 Responses to In the Christmas Spirit

  1. Mean Step Mother says:

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful decorations and a lovely home to decorate!!! You two must be having a super good visit,



  2. Teresa says:

    Oh my my. Mother, I think it’s time for the Xmas tour of homes!

  3. Reigh Hays says:

    Beautiful! Wish I was there to help. Did you do the banister this year? Enjoy!!!

  4. Sandy Vick says:

    Wow! So beautiful!

  5. Kristi says:

    Your sister does have a knack for decorating! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more. Also, I would love to see the White House decked out for the holidays!

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