Stella by Starlight . . .

. . . is back from being custom quilted, and she is sparkling:

I wanted this one to be quilted entirely with free motion quilting. Karlee Sandell of sewinspired2day was up to the challenge, and I am so delighted with the result.

Karlee quilted free-form feathers in the bright yellow center hexagons and in the triangles that spin around the yellow centers:


Contrasting with the loops and curves in the feathers are the angled lines in the white trapezoids. And if you look very carefully, you can make out the swirls and pebbles that Karlee quilted in the background. Here’s a better look at those designs:


I love how the random swirls and pebbles play against the random white dots sprinkled on the black background.

Did you happen to notice the four small kaleidoscope blocks in Rows 2 and 4? Each one is quilted with a different design, a Karlee touch that pleased me immensely:


The fabric in the kaleido blocks is pretty busy so the quilting is easier to see from the back. Here’s the first block in Row 4 as seen from the back:

Yes, I used a starry fabric on the back of the quilt, too. A couple of them, in fact. Stars play such an important role in this quilt that I actually toyed with the idea of naming it Star Crazy.

Go back to the first photo for a moment. Focus on the middle block (Row 3). See how the white trapezoids form a hexagon and the black triangles around the hexagon form a six-pointed star? Stars everywhere you look!

Measuring 53½” x 73½” before quilting, Stella by Starlight now measures 52″ x 72″. I’m going to bind it in the same fabric used in the background so that all of the blocks continue to float in the night sky. I’ll post more photos when the quilt is bound and labeled. I have something fun planned for the label so I hope you will come back soon to check it out.




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4 Responses to Stella by Starlight . . .

  1. Sandy says:

    It is beautiful! I hope you will bring it to sew day. We’d love to see it.

  2. Anne Bender says:

    what an excellent combination: fabric, design and quilting!

  3. Diane says:

    It continually amazes me how much creativity goes into making a quilt – design, fabric selection, cutting and piecing, then sewing and quilting. Even though I have seen quilts at shows or in magazines that don’t “speak to me”, I still marvel at the process. You seem to always hit a home run on the first five parts of the process and are so successful in selecting just the right quilter who gets your vision and finishes your pieces with perfection. Stella by Starlight is a great example. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Charlie says:

    Stella by Starlight is one of the best. It was a pleasure to see it in its creating stages.

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