Snowed In!

Local pundits are calling it “Snowpocalypse” — the epic snowfall on Wednesday that pretty much shut Portland down. We can go years in Portland without snow in winter but this season it has already snowed four times. The temperatures aren’t rising enough to melt the snow so we are stuck with it for a while.

What a great excuse to hunker down and get some sewing done! This is what I’ve been working on:

windmill block 1

windmills block 2
Aren’t those pretty blocks? They remind me of windmills. The pattern is A Mid-Winter’s Night by Deb Eggers of the Cottage Rose Quilt Shop:

The pattern is a reworking of the classic Winding Ways block with a pinwheel in the center. If you look carefully at the quilt pictured on the pattern cover you can see overlapping light and dark circles. The circles are illusions, as all of the cutting and stitching lines are straight. I believe the Winding Ways block is traditionally made with curves resulting in a four-patch block. The method I’m using here results in a nine-patch block.

Working strictly from my stash — I couldn’t have driven to a fabric store in this weather even if I’d wanted to! — I pulled out some red tone-on-tone prints that read as solid and a couple of white-on-red prints.

Now I’m making my way through my little piles of V blocks:

V blocks
The pattern calls for the Tri-Recs rulers, which I own, but I am getting great results from the V Block Trim Down Ruler by Deb Tucker. I resized the block from 9″ to 12″ so the units you see above measure 4½” square. With the V Block Ruler you can trim down blocks for 11 different sizes ranging from 1½” to 6½”.

I may add another red for more variety in my darks. With the exception of a few small pieces in my scrap bin, I’m limited to the vine and toile prints for the lights. I’ll save the smallest pieces for the center pinwheels.

While I am happily ensconced in my sewing room, Coco is keeping tabs on the weather from her perch above the plantation shutters in the master bath:

Coco Jan 2017

The icicles start to melt in the morning sun but refreeze when the sun moves out of sight.

This is our back yard as seen from the kitchen door:

Jan 2017 snow backyard

This is the view from the front porch:

Jan 2017 snow out front
You can see why I have no desire to drive anywhere. And freezing temperatures are expected for the next four days!




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14 Responses to Snowed In!

  1. Vickie says:

    Hi Dawn,
    The quilt is going to be stunning. Love that you are making it all from your stash.

    The snow has been very generous. Two guys worked for an hour late yesterday on getting snow off of my roof. Probably did about a quarter of it. At least there is no more snow forecasted until maybe next Wednesday or Thursday. The road crews have done a magnificent job of clearing the streets so we can get around. The new car is a champ in all of this snow.

    Be safe. Stay home and create.

  2. Cathy says:

    Holy Moly!!! That is a bunch of snow!!! I agree, best to hunker down and sew, sew, sew!! Your blocks are gorgeous! I love the red and the pattern is fantastic!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!! In the meantime, it was 80 today here in the Houston, TX area!! While I’m glad we don’t get snow, it would be nice to have to wear a jacket at least in January!!!

  3. anna says:

    Beautiful design and colours. Love seeing Coco monitoring the weather! You’re in good paws!

  4. Nancy says:

    Lucky you! My department was closed on Wednesday, sew I did! What a beautiful project and how perfect to be able to use some of your stash.

  5. Nancy says:

    I forgot to mention Coco, she is such a good friend for you!

  6. Diane says:

    Red and white motifs are just so crisp and fun! I love this one. And, it appeals to the order of my universe that you are working out of your stash. Why do I think, however, that you will reward yourself when the sun melts the snow with a trip to the fabric store???

  7. Linda Donohue says:

    Glad we could share. you got this bout we here in lower BC have had it with snow. It came before Christmas and still snow on the ground. Never above 0 or 32f. Love your quilt and love your emails. I am only just getting back to doing simple things after a MVA three years ago. I do enjoy looking at your beautiful work though give great joy.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful blocks, beautiful kitty, and beautiful snow. Stay warm.

  9. Deborah Cagle says:

    Loving your red and white quilt! Finally!


  10. Sandy says:

    Your blocks are beautiful. I just finished two red and white quilts. One was from retreat and the other was from my left overs from the retreat quilt. I’ve been having such fun for the past three or four days, working on a playful bird quilt. I’ve loved being snowed in, but have to admit I am beginning to get a little bit of cabin fever.

  11. Kristi says:

    I love your red/white project and will eagerly await the final quilt! Coco has gotten so big and is a beautiful kitty! What a dear.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Red and white are a good, cheery combo for a winter project. Sweet prints!
    Isn’t it good to have sewing to entertain yourself when snowed in?
    Good thing you have your stash to choose from! (Smile)
    What would you do without a cat to keep an eye on the weather for you?

  13. Tracy Hayes says:

    Shelter in and quilt! Sounds lovely. Glad you have provisions to sustain you!

  14. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

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