Here We Go Again . . .

Last year I taught the Junior Billie Bag class three times and made three bags. (You can see them at this link.) Now I’m teaching the class again and — yep, working on another bag myself.

This is the first of two quilted panels for my current JBB:

2017-01-22 12.26.51
As much as I enjoy making these bags, I really don’t want to make one every single time I teach a class. I like to begin each class with a “deconstructed Billie Bag” to show my students how each element goes together. Then as the class progresses I’m able to demonstrate construction techniques and share my tips. At the end of the class I have a finished bag along with my students.

What might work instead is to have a partially constructed JBB on hand as a teaching tool. Then I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. That said, I love these fabrics so much I can’t imagine not finishing this one. Look at these three fabrics from the Scarlet line designed by Pamela Mostek for Clothworks:

2012-10-29 02.58.10

They’re not new — they’ve been in my stash since 2012. Every so often I would get them out and — I admit it — fondle them, thinking about how they might be used in a quilt. Inspiration on a quilt design is yet to come but in the meantime I’m using some of the yardage to make the wonderful quilter’s tote designed many years ago by Billie Mahorney.

The panel design is my own. I centered a poppy in an inset circle and sewed black strips all around to bring the panel to the proper size, adding red flanges for more drama. The directional gold print surrounding the center poppy is a Joel Dewberry design from another line. It looks like it was meant to go with the other fabrics.

I’ve pulled a few other fabrics from my stash for interior and exterior pockets:

Don’t you think the fabrics have an Arts and Crafts vibe? The Joel Dewberry print is directional and I’m having a bit of fun with that.

Now I have to decide what to put on the other panel. Oh, the possibilities!






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7 Responses to Here We Go Again . . .

  1. Auntie Em says:

    I like your first panel very much! The red piping really makes it pop.

  2. Claudia McCarter says:

    I just love your choice of fabrics! Red is my favorite color for quilting! I’m sure you will finish it. You will want to use it or give it a way as a treasured gift!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Gorgeous prints and colors! Those are a bit Arts and Craftsy.
    A bag left as unassembled parts is a good idea, if you ever ran out of people to give bags to! (or needed to save time or effort.)

  4. Margaret says:

    Have you ever thought about doing a Craftsy class making this Billie bag? I’ll never be able to come out to the quilting shop where you teach, but I sure would love to learn how to make this bag from you.

  5. Colleen Coffman says:

    Ooooh! I love Margaret’s comment :D. I wonder how one goes about getting selected for a Craftsy class. I’ll vote for you!

    You already know I think this bag is lovely. I know your brilliant mind will think of something equally dramatic for side 2.

    Think of having multiple Billie Bags as having multiple purses – one to match each outfit!

  6. Diane says:

    Oh so sophisticated AND original! Who is the lucky recipient of this one or is it to be a secret?? :’-D

  7. Sandy says:

    You always have such beautiful fabric! It is going to be beautiful!

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