“Mini” Mod Tiles?

Here’s my second test block made from Mini Mod Tiles, one of several free patterns from Sew Kind of Wonderful:

Except for the fabrics, it looks identical to my first test block (shown below), doesn’t it?

Ah, but there’s a difference. Here are the two blocks side by side:

That second block isn’t a mini at all. I supersized it!

The original mini block finishes at 10½” square and is made with the QCR Mini ruler. My supersized version finishes at 17½” square and is made with the original Quick Curve Ruler.

Since I’m teaching this design at a retreat on Hood Canal in Washington State next month, I decided to give my students the option of choosing which ruler they want to use and which size block they want to make.

Vive le difference!




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2 Responses to “Mini” Mod Tiles?

  1. Vickie says:

    Both are stunning and it will be difficult for your students to choose which size to make.

  2. Diane says:

    So interesting that size can make as dramatic a difference to the look of a quilt square and finished quilt as is choice of fabric. As cheerful as the fabric is in the smaller mod tile, I’m over the moon about the fabric in the larger mod tile! The contrast of shades of blue and black against a larger white scale – huge wow factor!!

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