What A Treat

My quilt Dutch Treat is back from the longarm quilter and trimmed, ready to be bound and labeled. I was going to wait till the quilt was completely done before posting pictures but then I decided I couldn’t wait to show it off. Debbie Scroggy of All Quilted LLC did a beautiful job.

I was considering custom quilting when I first met with Debbie but after some consultation we decided on this edge-to-edge design that made me think of crop circles. The swirling circular motion of the quilting motif achieves two things: it softens the angles of the quilt blocks and reinforces the illusion of overlapping circles.

Do you see the circles? Let your eyes travel around the outer edges of the photos below. You should be able to see a dark circle . . .

. . . and a light one:

Now go back to the very first photo of the entire quilt and see how they overlap.

Here’s a look across the surface of the quilt:

I used leftovers on the back: the leftover “V” blocks and the remainder of the two red-on-white prints from the front. You can really see the “crop circles” on the left side of the quilt back:

Measuring 48″ x 60″ after quilting, Dutch Treat will be bound in one of the reds, chosen because it was the only piece left among the ones I used that was large enough to cut the number of binding strips needed. I think it will frame the quilt nicely.

I’ll post more photos when I can officially declare Dutch Treat a “finish.”




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7 Responses to What A Treat

  1. That’s absolutely beautiful Dawn! And Debbie did a perfect job!

  2. Nancy says:

    Love, love, love this, and the quilting is perfect!

  3. Diane says:

    Oh please be still my beating heart. The quilting is so perfect and highlights the piecing work to the nth degree. Could this possibly be yet again my new favorite?? I am so awestruck!!

  4. Vickie says:

    The choice of the crop circles is perfect! Thank you for sharing this quilt in various stages. Really looking forward to seeing it bound and labeled.

  5. Reigh Hays says:

    Gorgeous! You’ve done it again, Dawn.

  6. Anne Bender says:

    Perfection in everything — piecing, color and quilting! It took my breath away!

  7. Sandy says:

    That is my favorite quilt!!! I LOVE IT…FRONT AND BACK! I would love to make that one. I’ve always loved two color quilts. That one is stunning!!!

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