Northwest Quilting Expo 2017: Reach for the Stars

Among the many special exhibits at last week’s Northwest Quilting Expo (held in Portland, Oregon) was a small one called “Reach for the Stars” featuring quilts made using Minnesota quilter Terri Krysan’s design of the same name. The quilts were made by Portland quilters who had seen my version on display at the Pine Needle and wanted to make their own.

Here is Maxine’s bold and beautiful quilt in black, white, and blue:

Blue Giant, Made and Quilted by Maxine Borosund

Joie’s quilt is a vision in green and purple, one of my favorite color combinations:

Made by Joie Lattz, Quilted by Debbie Scroggy

Lana’s lovely quilt was made as a fundraiser for her grandson’s school (it sold for over $2000!):

Made by Lana Kamerer

The owners of the quilt graciously loaned it to Lana so it could be part of the special exhibit.

Andrea’s quilt was made from the same line of fabrics as Lana’s but with a more limited palette of blues and greens:

Star Bright, Made by Andrea Hinderhofer, Quilted by Kazumi Peterson

So serene! Did you notice the different border treatment? Andrea opted not to carry the checkerboard blocks to the outer borders so she put the unused ones on the back:

Back of Andrea Hinderhofer’s Reach for the Stars Quilt

You can see some of the lovely motifs that longarmer Kazumi Peterson used.

Sharon R.’s scrappy checkerboard border cleverly pulls together all the colors used in her blocks:

Made by Sharon Ripley, Quilted by Melissa Hoffman

Sharon S. used the bright colors in her butterfly focus fabric to great dramatic effect, then calmed it down with her earthy brown and black checkerboard border:

Made by Sharon Schaper, Quilted by Melissa Hoffman

This is my version, also displayed in the exhibit:

Catch a Falling Star, Made by Dawn White, Quilted by Loretta Orsborn

Andrea was out of town during the quilt show but the remaining six of us gathered for group shots in front of each quilt. Here we are in front of Maxine’s:

Left to right: Sharon Schaper, Sharon Ripley, Joie Lattz, Maxine Borosund, Dawn White, and Lana Kamerer. With us in spirit: Andrea Hinderhofer.




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11 Responses to Northwest Quilting Expo 2017: Reach for the Stars

  1. Auntie Em says:

    These are all so lovely! It’s so much fun to see many quilts made from the same pattern and how different each one looks. Congratulations to all who finished their quilt from that stunning pattern.

  2. karen says:

    Wow! Those are all so great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Patricia says:

    The Reach For The Stars quilts are all just beautiful. What is the measurement of yours, Dawn?

  4. Diane says:

    What a fun post! Must be a great feeling to see your quilts in a special exhibit.

  5. Sandy says:

    I love seeing all the different color choices people make. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jennifer says:

    These are fantastic! Every single one of them. I’m so glad you were able to collect all of the pictures and share it out to the blog world for us to enjoy. I don’t have much time to hop on social media much, and I really have a hard time to stop and leave any comments … but please know that I still follow your progress and projects each week and love seeing what’s going on!

  7. Rita Stoppenhagen says:

    Dawn or anyone who can answer…where is a pattern for this? I fell in love with a version but there is no title on it and yours is the closest to it. I would love to make this for my future daughter in law which I saw done in greys and tans which she would love. Can you help me?
    Thank you,

    • Dawn says:

      Hi, Rita. The original design is by Terri Krysan of Lakeville, Minnesota. Directions appeared in seven consecutive issues of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, starting with Oct./Nov. 2013 and ending with Oct./Nov. 2014. The magazine is no longer being published but you might be able to find copies in your local library. Check quiltersnewsletter(dot)com to see if digital copies are still available. You might also contact your local quilt guilds to see if any members have kept back issues. Good luck!

  8. Becky Johnson says:

    Love the sampler look of this quilt but can’t find the pattern. Does anyone still have it? I can’t even find the back issues.

    • Dawn says:

      Becky, I think your best bet is to check your local library and/or quilt guild. Also, I just looked on and see that the first of seven issues, Oct/Nov 2013, is available for $5. There are quite a few listings for QN so you might find some of the other issues too.

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