When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

. . . make pillowcases!

Seriously, who could resist the lure of this beautiful lemon print from Art Gallery Fabrics? I spotted it at cool cottons, a delightful quilt shop in my own neighborhood, and quickly transformed it into a pair of pillowcases for the Portland White House.

Turns out one of the fabrics I bought recently from Jill Finley’s new line “This and That” for Penny Rose Fabrics is the perfect shade of yellow for the band. I auditioned all of the yellows in my stash and this one was by far the best fit.

I have a thing about lemons. Not just fresh lemons, which are always on hand at our house. I also like lemons as a decorating theme, and so do my sisters Diane and Reigh. When I bought the fabric for these pillowcases, I bought enough to make each of them a pair as well. Their pillowcases are in transit right now. I’m not sure which they will see first — their package in the mail or this post. Either way it should be a fun little surprise.

Just call us the Lemon Sisters.

P.S. These cases were made using the roll-it-up or burrito method, with all seams enclosed. If you’d like to see how I make them, check out my tutorial here.




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6 Responses to When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

  1. Cathy says:

    These are so fresh and fun!! What a great lemon print! Makes my mouth water!! I love your pillowcases!!

  2. Diane says:

    What??? I have pillow cases in transit?? Oh, Nubs, you are the best. Lemon sisters to the end!!!

  3. Vickie says:

    Did you make all three sets identical? I am always surprised at how quickly a pillowcase can be made. Love the Spring look of these. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Reigh says:

    Oh my! I’m so excited – these are wonderful! Dawn’s pillowcases are the BEST, and the only ones we use. You are so good to us!

  5. Claudia says:

    I love your lemon pillowcases. I am waiting for some more fabric in the mail to be able to make my pillowcases to match a sheet set for my granddaughter. I am also going to use the burrito technique to make my pillowcases. I’m using Michael Miller, “Magic” by Sarah Jane in the “You are Magic” and “Lucky Stars.” So cute!

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