Autumn Reflections

Happy first day of fall! This year is flying by way too fast.

After our unusually hot summer in Portland with a record number of days in the mid to high 90s, many folks are relieved that fall has arrived. Me, not so much. As a native Oregonian I don’t mind the rain and cooler weather that fall brings but I do miss the long days of early summer when the evening light doesn’t fade till close to 10 pm.

The official change of seasons is my cue to change the wall hanging in the master bathroom. Off the wall goes Sun Flowers . . .

. . . and up goes Autumn Reflections:

Both quilts were made from my pattern Season to Taste. They measure 18″ x 55″.

Here’s a look at Autumn Reflections in situ:

Of course I had to buy coordinating hand towels!




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4 Responses to Autumn Reflections

  1. Sandy Vick says:

    Beautiful, Dawn. I’m with you. I am not ready for the short days. I am looking forward to class again though.

  2. Diane says:

    Oh so nice Nubs!!

  3. Reigh Hays says:

    So pretty! Love the idea of changing with the seasons.

  4. anna says:

    Hi Dawn! I’m down for some cooler weather, but I did look at Joe and say (at 6:30), “It’s dark already!” Love the Autumn Reflections wall hanging!

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