What a lovely Thanksgiving feast we had yesterday! Although my sister Diane and her husband Ed have hosted upwards of a dozen people at Thanksgiving in previous years, it was just the four of us this year. My husband Charlie and I look forward to our annual trip to Atlanta which has stretched to a two-week visit since I retired 10 years ago.

Diane sets a beautiful table. She got out the Rosalie Spode that belonged to her mother-in-law and some vintage glassware that could have come directly from the set of Downton Abbey:

Normally the Christmas decorations don’t come out until after Thanksgiving but a few days ago Diane and I were shopping in downtown Norcross and she spotted a gorgeous one-of-a-kind Christmas tree at a home and garden shop called Good Things. The tree had to come home with us. Diane couldn’t wait to try it out on the built-in buffet in the dining room:

It made our Thanksgiving dinner extra festive.

I’m so thankful Charlie and I were able to spend this holiday with my family in Georgia. For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you also got to spend it with loved ones.

Now, 24 hours later, I am looking forward to the second best thing about Thanksgiving: leftovers!





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7 Responses to Grateful

  1. Virginia says:

    A beautiful table! —and best of all shared with family❤️

  2. Carolyn Browning says:

    What a beautiful dining room for Thanksgiving! Such a pretty table and china. I am glad you are enjoying yourselves and having such a good time with your family.

  3. Diane says:

    Oh Nubs, you are a wizard with the camera! What could be better than spending my birthday with my twin and sharing Thanksgiving with our hubbies. We do have so much to be grateful for.

  4. Nancy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Diane has done a wonderful job of sharing her special pieces of the china in her built-in buffet. And the tree is perfect. Enjoy your special times together.

  5. anna says:

    What a gorgeous table and Christmas tree. I do miss Thanksgiving dinners with friends. We had lunch at a museum cafe, and if it counts, I had a (cold) breaded turkey cutlet. Not because it was Thanksgiving in the US, but because it was all they had left! We celebrated Thanksgiving at a very funky neighborhood restaurant not far from our hotel, and listened to some soulful Fado music, sung by a Brazilian, who was accompanied by a Japanese man on the guitar! We love that Lisbon is such a melting pot of nationalities. So that was T-Day for us. Do I recognize the dinner napkins as from the stash you took with you to Diane’s? Beautiful! I would love to sew with you some day!

    • Dawn says:

      Anna, you have a good eye! Those are indeed the same napkins. Would it surprise you to learn there are napkins of the same fabric at the Portland White House?? Hope you and Joe are having a wonderful time in Portugal!

  6. Sandy says:

    Wow…what a beautiful table! The dishes, tree, and everything looks so gorgeous! How wonderful that you got to be together.

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