Sweet Dreams!

Today I stole a couple of hours that I should have spent doing other things and made a set of pillowcases for the Portland White House:

Pretty Pillowcases


I just love these fabrics. The green strip is a blender from Kona Bay and the other three fabrics are from the Garden Medley line by Susie Johnson for RJR. Aren’t they dreamy?

Here is another set of pillowcases I made recently:

Another Set of Pillowcases


These cases were pictured in my previous post but didn’t show up very well. The two main fabrics are from the Gentle Flowers line by Quilt Gate. As my sister Diane would say, “Elegantly simple . . . and simply elegant!”




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4 Responses to Sweet Dreams!

  1. Glenda says:

    They are beautiful!! My favorite is the first one with the flowers and blue and green. I want to learn how to do the way you do them so there are no exposed seams!

  2. Dawn says:

    thank you, Glenda! I have been thinking about doing a tutorial. There are a lot of good tutorials out there already but over time I have developed my own way of making the cases.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I love these pillowcases. I’ve never made one, but would sure love to see a tutorial on how to make them this way. Beautiful fabric doesn’t hurt either 😉

  4. Dawn says:

    It’s awfully hard to resist beautiful fabric, isn’t it! I love that Garden Medley floral so much I bought six yards of it, so even after cutting into it for pillowcases I have plenty left for other projects. Maybe a kaleidoscope quilt . . . still hooked on those!

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