Introducing . . . the Monterey Bay Apron

My newest pattern, the Monterey Bay Apron, makes its debut this Friday, Sept. 14, at the Pine Needle’s Fall Festival Open House! I am so excited that the pattern is finally ready. Here it is in its little plastic envelope, ready to be displayed in the shop:

Dawn’s Newest Pattern


I’ve had the design for this apron in my mind for almost three years but started seriously working on it just in the last year. In a future post I’ll tell you how the design process evolved; for now I’ll just say that inspiration struck in an aquarium, of all places. You can guess which one.

The apron pictured below, made from a charming line of fabric called All About Coffee from Exclusively Quilters, is hanging in the Pine Needle right now.

Coffee, anyone?


I learned a lot about using 1/4″-wide double-fold bias tape while developing this pattern. So much so that I will be posting a tutorial on it in the next few days.

The Pine Needle’s Open House runs from 10 am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday, Sept. 14 and 15. I’ll be there a good bit of the time both days. If you are in the Portland metro area, please stop by! The Pine Needle is in Lake Oswego, just a few minutes from downtown Portland.




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4 Responses to Introducing . . . the Monterey Bay Apron

  1. susan b. says:

    Yay, Dawn! Congratulations! I love the bias tape and button waistband.

  2. Kristen Reid says:

    I love this pattern! How exciting it must be to design something like that. I would love to hear more about how you proceeded to create this design.

    • Dawn says:

      thank you, Kristen (and Susan)! I’m planning a post soon on the evolution of the apron but first I need to get my tutorials finished on working with double-fold bias tape.

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