First Finish of 2021

First things first: Happy New Year, friends! May 2021 exceed your expectations in every way.

Now on to the next good thing: ‘Tis the Season, my quilt made with the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Quatrefoil pattern, is a wrap! Take a look:

The quilt was officially completed on New Year’s Day but it was dark by the time I’d stitched the label on so I had to wait till today to take photos. Indoor shots only, I’m afraid; it’s January in Portland (need I say more?).

There was never a doubt in my mind what fabric I would use to bind this quilt: it absolutely had to be the green diagonal stripe in Corey Yoder’s “Holliberry” line. I tried a new-to-me way of applying the binding: it’s single-fold rather than the traditional double-fold. I’ve been wanting to try this method since hearing my friend Pam Raby of Loved to Pieces sing its praises when she was on the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson last July.

Oh my. Mitering the corners was a breeze! There’s much less bulk, and the corners lie nice and flat. Feel free to inspect mine:

For the label I made an inset circle and then enclosed it in another circle:

Here’s a look at the back of the quilt:

Since I love the crinkly look and feel of a laundered quilt, ‘Tis the Season went into the washer and dryer after these pictures were taken. Now here it is, still warm from the dryer, on the back of the couch, where it will take up residence for the time being:

‘Tis still the season as far as I’m concerned!




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12 Responses to First Finish of 2021

  1. Kristi says:

    This is a beautiful finish, Dawn! Congratulations! And a Happy New Year! I’ll be looking out for your next great finish!!

  2. What a lovely finish!!! I hope it lives on your couch for awhile! It looks perfect there!
    As for rain in Portland … I get it! I’m about 6-7 hour drive north of you near Vancouver, Canada … It’s hard to even find a time to walk when it’s only drizzling – let alone not raining!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  3. Nancy Stanley says:


    I love the binding, also single fold as demonstrated by Pam looks amazing! I can hardly wait to recover from my shoulder surgery. My official retirement date is Monday 1/4/21. I have so many beautiful projects waiting for me

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Reigh says:

    What a nice addition to your living room! I’m glad to see something that you created for yourself – you’re always making things for others. It’s beautiful!

  5. Diane says:

    A “first finish” on January 1?? Now that is the perfect definition of an overachiever!! 😉 But what an achievement it is. The binding is so reminiscent of a green candy cane stick – just perfect. The puckery look and feel of a washed quilt adds SO much that it really looks transformed. You have set the bar very high for 2021.

  6. Dianne McDonnell says:

    I have also embraced the single-fold binding, although your corners are much better than mine. But I’ll keep working on them! Love everything about that quilt.

  7. Vickie Rooks says:

    Happiness! I can feel it clear across the mountains. It would be lovely if 2021 exceeded all of our expectations in every way. Your quilt turned out very well. Love the binding. You are such an inspiration being willing to try new methods. I know how to inset a circle thanks to you but how do you do the second circle or ring? Do you have that information in a blog post? The ring gives the label such a nice accent.

  8. Char says:

    So nice and fits in your living room perfectly!
    I just finished piecing Storm at Sea last night…’s only been a UFO for 1 year…. hardly worth mentioning! 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Are you kidding, Char? Storm at Sea is a very ambitious project. I cannot wait to see how yours turned out. I trust a new blog post is imminent!

  9. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Dawn! I love everything about it and that binding is perfect!

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