Dashed Hopes

My elation at finding just the right amount of an older fabric to complete a flange binding on my latest kaleidoscope quilt was short-lived. After purchasing a quarter-yard from an on-line quilt shop in Iowa, I subsequently heard from the shop that the yardage in question was actually no longer in stock. Oh nooooooooo!

The fabric I need — okay, I want it more than need it — is a particular shade of red, a deep bright red like a currant. In fact, the leaf print I’m using for the border of my quilt is from the line called “Black, White & Currant 5” by Color Principle for Henry Glass Fabrics. I have several red blenders in my stash but not a single one matches the red in that print or the red shown above.

Unless someone reading this post has some Moda Puzzle Pieces Paisley 1007-51 on hand and is willing to part with a small amount, I’m going to have to embark on a search for a replacement, probably a solid currant. I have very few solids in my stash because I don’t care to sew with them but I’m sure there’s a piece out there that will work just fine.

In the meantime, I’m dealing with my disappointment by starting a new project:

In the works is an 18″ Chicago Star block using this fun group of fabrics. I actually have two quilts in my head using these fabrics plus a few others not shown here.

Kristin at Montavilla Sewing in Lake Oswego, the quilt shop where I teach, introduced this pattern to some of my students and me last month in a Zoom meeting. It’s part of an optional block-of-the-month project we can learn about online while we wait for in-person classes to resume. I’ll be ready for virtual show-and-tell on Wednesday. It will be fun to see what fabrics other quiltmakers have chosen!




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6 Responses to Dashed Hopes

  1. Donna says:

    How frustrating!!! I hope you find that fabric!

  2. Reigh says:

    Good luck on your search! I love the new blue/green/yellow fabric!

  3. Char says:

    That’s right, comfort yourself with a new project. In the meantime, have you checked Cool Cottons or Mill End Store?

  4. Vickie Rooks says:

    Ah the mountains and valleys of quilting. Sad to hear that your elation was dashed. I hope you are able to find a good substitute. New project looks great and it is always an uplifting event to start a new project.

  5. Stephani in N. TX says:

    What you need looks a lot like a Christmas red. Any luck searching some of those that could be different but just right for your quilt

  6. Diane says:

    Poor Nubs!

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