Sea Sampler Block Revision(s)

I’m much happier with this block in my Sea Sampler project after replacing the lower left corner of the block. If you read my previous post, you know that vertical seam was angling to the right. It’s straight now. Funny thing, though:  it was sewn straight the first time. Turns out it was the seam directly to the right, the one connecting the bottom left and bottom center sections, that was off.

I made one more change to the block: the seam of the inset circle is now pressed toward the center of the circle:

It was originally pressed away from the circle, making the circle lie very flat within the square. When the seams of an inset circle are pressed toward the center, it raises the edges of the circle slightly, making it look appliquéd.

Here’s the photo from my previous post:

Can you see the difference?




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5 Responses to Sea Sampler Block Revision(s)

  1. Karen K Friedrichs says:

    I like your eye for detail!

  2. Vickie Rooks says:

    Love how you look at small details which make your work outstanding! You are an inspiration!

  3. Diane says:

    You are such a clever girl!

  4. Sandy Pruss says:

    You are so amazing!!! I’m surprised what a difference pressing the seam to the inside made. I love it!

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