Garage Glamour Update

I’ve been working at a leisurely pace on my current sewing project for my twin sister Diane’s garage windows. (That’s another way of saying I am easily distracted by any and all invitations to play Scrabble.) Here’s a look at the first valance in place:

As mentioned in my last post, the plan was to make gathered valances attached to a flat rod pocket accented with grey grosgrain ribbon. I was going to make the rod pocket the width of the grosgrain ribbon — 1-1/2″ — but then realized that if I centered the ribbon on a larger piece of contrasting fabric it would make the grosgrain ribbon really stand out.

Here’s a close-up of the valance in process. You can see the grosgrain ribbon has been attached to a strip of yellow gold fabric:

(Pay no attention to the fabric in the background. It was used to cover Diane’s ironing board.) That yellow gold fabric? It was left over from another project I made for Diane at least 10 years ago, the valance over the kitchen window:

The rod pocket trim fabric is almost the same color as the garage walls and ties in nicely with the gray and gold patterned rug at the door leading into the house:

This picture is also proof that Diane and Ed actually do park their cars in the garage! Diane wants me to explain that she wants a nice-looking garage because 99% of the people who visit enter the house through the garage rather than climbing 26 steps to the front door. Earlier this year Diane and Ed had the oil-stained cement floor treated so it could be covered with a multilayered epoxy treatment. It certainly elevated the look of the garage, and Diane reports the floor is easy to clean.

The second valance is finished but our project is not quite done. Both Diane and I don’t like the fact that the brackets holding the curtain rods are visible and have devised a plan to block them from view. (Stay tuned for the final reveal.)

My friends already know I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive. Now you know: it’s a twin thing.




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5 Responses to Garage Glamour Update

  1. Vickie Rooks says:

    Looks stunning! Thanks for showing an actual car parked in the garage. Really like the idea of painting and sealing the garage floor. It does make it look fancier and if that is how most people enter the house, it would be welcoming. Enjoy the rest of your visit and your Scrabble games.

  2. anna says:

    What an elegant garage!

  3. Char says:

    I did not think your sister sewed . . . she has a stash? Wow, your influence is strong. Nice valances.

    • Dawn says:

      She doesn’t sew, Char, although our mother taught us how when we were 11. But she does buy fabric for the projects I make when visiting, which is why there was a piece of yellow gold fabric from years ago that I could use in this latest project. I’ve kept a sewing machine at her house for many years.

  4. Lisa says:

    It’s beautiful – the fabric choice, the craftsmanship and the sisterhood bring it together in such a pleasing way. Thank you for sharing. Now, back to Scrabble! What I would give to enter thru that beautiful garage and sit right down to a great match! I’m so lonely for all of you! Love, Lisa

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