Cue Vivaldi

Imagine you are hearing the strains of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” as you view all four versions of my Season to Taste table runner/wall hanging design:

Four versions of Dawn’s pattern Season to Taste

Aligning with Vivaldi’s concerti, the presentation begins with spring, followed by summer, fall, and winter. The winter version, named Winterwood, was the last one to be made:

Winterwood (2021)

When I started working on this quilt using fabrics with a holiday vibe (red and green prints, though not overtly Christmas-y), I thought about making a second winter version that is weather-related, i.e. not associated specifically with the holidays. The other day I found a piece of fabric in my stash that may just fill the bill. I’m not sure when work will begin on it but I’m giving myself until winter 2022 to finish it. (Do you think that’s enough lead time??)

The 45-degree triangles in the spring and winter versions were made with a selection of fabrics while the summer and fall versions, seen below, were each made with one focus fabric for a true kaleidoscopic effect:

Sun Flowers (2015) and Autumn Reflections (2014)

The fabric I have in mind for the second winter version would yield this kind of design.

I’m happy with the way all of of these turned out but I confess I have a favorite. It’s my spring version, Under Paris Skies:

Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel de Paris) (2014)

The quilt contains fussycut images of street scenes of Paris that always make me smile (in addition to which spring is my favorite season). Here are a couple of those street scenes:

So . . . what about you? Of the four quilts pictured here, do you have a favorite?




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6 Responses to Cue Vivaldi

  1. Vickie Rooks says:

    Choose a favorite? Nope, not possible! Love all four versions.

  2. Diane says:

    Vickie is right – just not possible to pick a favorite! But I will say, the buttons on Summer do make my heart sing. Where in the house will the four seasons be displayed??

    • Dawn says:

      So far, I’ve been hanging the spring, summer, and fall versions in the master bath according to the seasons. I haven’t hung the new winter version yet because I need to pick up some green or red hand towels to match.

  3. Summer is my favorite! They are all beautiful, my second favorite is spring. The fabrics are so lively. Well done, you must be proud of your work. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Paris 🙂

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