Color My World

With the onset of fall, accompanied by shorter days and lots of rain, working with bright fabrics in my sewing room has been bringing me cheer. I’ve starting sewing blocks together on my second version of  Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Chic Diamonds pattern:

Each block contains four blades, with each blade containing two prints, so each block contains eight different fabrics. The blades have been on my design wall in their almost-final layout since August. As I neared the end of laying out the blocks back then, it became apparent I would need to make a few more blades to get the balance of color and value I was seeking. Plus I have a self-imposed rule of not using the same fabric twice in a block. My plan was to make those extra blades and then finalize the layout.

Other projects took precedence, as they often do, but last weekend I gave myself permission to sew just a few blocks together. That was fun! I also pulled out a very colorful 42″-square quilt top I made several years ago because it occurred to me it would make the perfect car quilt for my sister Diane’s blue Subaru Forester.

Here’s a glimpse of the fabrics in the quilt top, along with pale yellow thread to show you the color I have chosen for the quilting:

In no time at all I made a simple pieced backing for the quilt. Both top and backing have already been delivered to my longarm quilter.

My world is also brighter — literally! — because I’ve recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. After the first surgery was done, I realized I had been seeing everything through a yellowish haze. I can see clearly now. Hey! Isn’t that the name of a song? Why yes, it is. I Can See Clearly Now by singer/songwriter Johnny Nash was a big hit in 1972. If you are “of a certain age” (like I am), you probably remember it well.




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5 Responses to Color My World

  1. Sandy says:

    Your blocks are beautiful.

    I miss you Dawn. When can we get together for lunch?

  2. Christine Lentz says:

    Lovely! Gorgeous colors!
    And isn’t it a relief to see so well?
    The cataract surgery is a miracle for most of us!

  3. Diane says:

    Oh gosh, my Subie quilt is going to be spectacular, especially since it incorporates the same fabric as the beautiful valances made for my “designer garage.” I think this makes me the luckist twin ever. You are the best, Nubs!

    Looking forward to the progress blogs on your newest quilt. The fabric choices are so lovely.

  4. Auntie Em says:

    I really like the color combinations on those leaves/blades. My kind of palette! I know there will be cataract surgery in my future, but so far so good.

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