Coming Right Along

The interior of my current WIP is complete. Take a look:

How pretty is that? I am loving the springtime vibe of these cherry blossom prints.

As I was laying out the blocks, I noticed a few of the center squares were cut from the same part of the pattern repeat. It was easy enough to simply rotate a block or move it to another part of the quilt. Before I started sewing, I looked again across each row, up and down each column, and even on the diagonal. I was sure I had a good distribution all around.

However . . . after sewing the blocks into rows and then sewing the rows together, I could see duplicates in one vertical and one horizontal row. The blocks weren’t touching each other and perhaps no one would ever notice but . . . I did. So of course I made two more blocks to replace the duplicates. I’ll probably put the dupes on the back of the quilt.

I ordered more of the light pink floral for the outer borders because I want a wider strip than the pattern calls for. The instructions also call for a narrow first border of the larger floral print but I want something that reads more lilke a solid. I just happened to find a good candidate in my stash, one that I’ve had for oh, at least 20 years. I auditioned it with the other fabrics . . .

. . . and I think it works perfectly. I hope you do, too!




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8 Responses to Coming Right Along

  1. Kristi says:

    Beautiful quilt top, Dawn! I’m looking forward to seeing the quilt finished. It will probably be very soon!

  2. Vickie Rooks says:

    So springy! So glad you have a stash that understands it needs to assist with new fabrics!

  3. Sandy Vick says:

    Very beautiful, Dawn!

  4. Sandi says:

    Your quilt is beautiful!! I love pink and green too! Your fabrics are so pretty! Hugs,

  5. Diane says:

    Oh Nubs, only you would notice the unnoticeable by the rest of us mere mortals! It is absolutely perfect.

  6. LINDA P says:

    I think it looks great! Very Springy.

  7. What a great find for that inner border! It’s perfect, and your quilt is beautiful.

  8. Colleen says:

    So nice to see your post, my dear friend! Your quilt is absolutely lovely. My very favorite colors :).

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