From Bears to Butterflies

bella butterfly 500

Sometimes the obvious escapes me. I’ve been working with this pretty hydrangea floral fabric for a couple of weeks now but didn’t notice until taking pictures for this post that the hydrangeas are made up of clusters of butterflies. I even missed the clue on the selvage:

bella butterfly selvage 500

You may recall from a recent post that I was using this fabric to make three sizes of kaleidoscope blocks that I was calling Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear to distinguish their relative sizes. The bear image is now banished from my brain; I see only butterflies.

And here are those butterfly blocks are, floating on a field of pale green:

Hydrangea Kaleidoscopes, 47" x 54"
Hydrangea Kaleido Quilt Top, 47″ x 54″


The background fabric is Krystal by Michael Miller, and I’m pretty sure the solid green inner border in the kaleido blocks is Michael Miller, too. The pink and white print in the outer border is Yvette, from the City House Fabrics line by Swirly Girls Design for Michael Miller.

I’m thinking of binding the quilt in the solid green. (I do wish solid fabrics came with information printed on the selvages like print fabrics do. I like to know what fabric I’m working with — and what if I need more and can’t find it locally? That information on the selvage is essential for an Internet search.)

Now to ponder quilting motifs and quilt names. I’m thinking of simple cross-hatching in the background, spaced an inch or two apart, and some kind of floral design in the kaleido blocks. As for a name, I’m waiting for inspiration to strike. Bloomin’ Butterflies? Butterfly Kisses? Suggestions gratefully accepted!




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3 Responses to From Bears to Butterflies

  1. Vickie says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I think you should name it–From Bears to Butterflies.

  2. Linda says:

    Ha ha, the secrets in the details. Funny how subtle that print is. Regarding solids, that is one of the few benefits of buying the manufacturer color cards as a consumer. Or you can simply swing by your local quilt shop to compare 😉

  3. I love your blocks! I can empathize with the solid research. I went to a local quilt shop, which I had never been to before, and I asked for Bella Porcelain solid. They had no idea. The name isn’t printed on the bolt! Just the SKU number! I said … “Ok, let me just look it up on the FQS website from my phone, and I got the number fast and easy.”. No worries, I made up for using FQS by buying a ton of fabric from them later! 🙂

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