Bathroom Reno, Week 2

At the end of Week 2, the northwest corner of the bathroom is looking more like the future site of a shower. The sheetrock has been removed from the north wall and the water lines are in. The plumbing has been inspected and approved.

2013-4, week 3, nw corner


On Friday the wallpaper was removed. It turned out to be quite a task because of the glue that was used on wallpaper back in the 80s.  A whole lotta scrapin’ going on!

2013-4, week 3, east wall


I was a little sorry to see that wallpaper go. I really liked it:

wallpaper 1

wallpaper 2

If it were a fabric, I think I would have some in my stash!




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3 Responses to Bathroom Reno, Week 2

  1. Vickie says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Glad to see the progress. The wallpaper would have made a great fabric.

  2. Lisa Kus says:

    Is there another wall paper coming? You have great taste!

    • Dawn says:

      As much as I love wallpaper, Lisa, I’ve decided to go with painted walls this time. Not sure of the color yet. There will be a lot of white in the bathroom — vanity, tub, subway tiles, window trims — so it’s going to need some color.

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