Birthday Party

Of the six women in my quilt group, the Quisters, three have March birthdays. We all lead busy lives so it wasn’t until yesterday — well into April — that the six of us were available to celebrate together. We congregated at the Portland White House for lunch, laughter, gift-giving, and dessert. (Dessert was so good it deserves a special mention: Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake served with Blueberry-Lemon Sauce and whipped cream.)

Now I can show you what I made for the birthday girls. For Lee and Peggy, I made iPad Mini covers. Here is Lee’s:

Lee's iPad Mini cover, front and back
Lee’s iPad Mini Cover, Front and Back

The three elastic strips on the back hold the iPad in place on a padded surface when in use. The elastic strips also wrap around to the front, holding the outside flap securely in place when the iPad Mini is being carried around.

This is what Lee’s cover looks like on the inside:

2013-3, Lee's ipad Mini cover, open
iPad Mini Cover, Open


Here is Peggy’s:

2013-3, Peg's iPad Mini cover (2)
Peg’s iPad Mini Cover


This is what Peggy’s looks like on the inside:

2013-3, Peg's iPad Mini cover
iPad Mini Cover, Open


It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the iPad Mini covers have an accessory pocket on the inside to hold earbuds and a stylus.

For Deborah I made a custom sewing machine dust cover:

2013-3, Deb's sewing machine dust cover, side view
Deborah’s Dust Cover


It’s hard to get a good look at the lining fabric so for the next photo I turned the dust cover inside out:

2013-3, Deborah's sew mach dust cover inside out
Almost Reversible!


I’m working on patterns for both the iPad Mini cover and the sewing machine dust cover, so if you’re interested in making one for yourself or a friend, please check back with me.




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6 Responses to Birthday Party

  1. Linda N. says:

    How fun to get to celebrate in such a grand way! And I say it’s never too late to honor your friends’ special day(s)! And you did a fabulous job on the gifts – for the gals I know you chose impeccably! Lucky friends you have.

  2. Lisa Kus says:

    Matched only in their beauty by your thoughtfulness, Dawn. Something very special happens when ladies gather….

  3. Vickie says:

    I want to get on the birthday gift list. What great gifts! I am sure everyone was delighted!

  4. Karen Comottor says:

    I love your sewing machine cover for the Janome 6500. I too have the same machine, and love it. How can I locate your pattern for this machine cover?

    Thanks so much for your assistance

  5. AnnMarie says:

    Love them all, but I’m just trying to get a good look at all those gorgeously neat piles of fabric in the background cabinet.

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