Bathroom Reno, Week 3

The walls in the White House bathroom are looking good. All of the open spaces in the walls have been filled with sheetrock, and the only lath and plaster you can see now is in the area where the shower will go. After the walls had been mudded and were dry, the crew sanded and vacuumed. They did such a careful job that almost no dust escaped into other rooms in the house. Now, after priming, the walls look almost good enough to hang pictures on!

south wall and sw corner, sheetrocked
South Wall and SW Corner
ne corner, sheetrocked
NE Corner
2013-4, nw corner, sheetrocked
NW Corner


The work this coming week will focus on the shower area, above, beginning with building the shower pan. Then the tilework begins!




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2 Responses to Bathroom Reno, Week 3

  1. I think I can see where this is going. Can’t wait to see what finishes you chose. Bathroom reno is on my to-do list. I should start watching HGTV again. It’s been a while! 😉

  2. Dawn says:

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