Full Circle . . .

Full Circle table runner

. . . that’s the name I gave this table runner because every single fabric — even the strips and binding — has circles in it. I didn’t pick up on that until I was casting about for a name.

The pattern is Full Moon Rising, my first pattern, with a few minor changes. Most of the fabrics are from the Neutral Territory Line by Donna Becher for P&B Textiles. On the back I used a half-yard cut of different fabric from the same line, filling in the rest of the back with the black and metallic gold dot used for the moons on the front:

2013-4, Full Circle back 800

(That solid black fabric at the top is a sleeve for hanging.)

The circles on the front of the table runner were set in while the ones on the back were made separately and attached with fusible interfacing. There’s no batting in this particular version of Full Moon Rising, and the only stitching holding the layers together is around the circles and in the ditches of the strips between blocks.



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    I feel very lucky that I got to see this beautiful work of art and science

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