The Big Reveal: My Little Neighbor’s Quilt Top

2013-9, MLN with her 9-patch
My Little Neighbor with her First Quilt (56″ x 70″)


Isn’t it beautiful?! She finished it yesterday, on Labor Day. Just in time, too, because school starts this week.

Once My Little Neighbor is back in the swing of things where school is concerned, we’ll get together to talk about the next step: making the quilt back. MLN has one 9-patch block left over, which she plans to put on the back. Of course!




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7 Responses to The Big Reveal: My Little Neighbor’s Quilt Top

  1. Vickie says:

    She should be very proud of this accomplishment! What a great project to be part of, you did well Miss Dawn.

  2. C olleen says:

    Please tell her she did a beautiful job Dawn! Her color choices are great and she did a super job choosing the outer border. It makes the whole thing glow!

  3. Patty says:

    Dawn, what a wonderful project! You were so sweet to spend the time to teach her the basics of quilting, while making lifetime memories – for both of you. I love her color choices, too. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone.

  4. Peg says:

    MLN has a great teacher! What an amazing first project. Great job!!

  5. Yvonne says:

    The quilt is just lovely – she looks so happy.
    Congratulations on her first quilt. May there be many more. LOL

  6. Anita says:

    What a great job! Her quilt came out beautiful!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Your little neighbor deserves lots of praise as do you. Her smile tells it all. Hopefully we will see more from her.

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