Reach for the Stars: Block 3

2014-1 RFTS dlw Block 3
Reach for the Stars Block 3, 12″ square


No, you didn’t miss Blocks 1 and 2. I haven’t made them yet. The block you see above is number 3, one of 14 different blocks that surround a center medallion in a gorgeous quilt, Reach for the Stars, designed by Terri Krysan. Her quilt was featured in the Oct./Nov. 2013 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter . . .

2014-1 RFTS quilt
Terri Krysan’s Quilt, 86½” x 106½”

(Copyright Quilter’s Newsletter. Used with permission. Photo by Melissa Karlin Mahoney.)

. . . and I decided to make it, using fabrics in my stash and a different colorway. The magazine is offering directions in a seven-part series that began with the Oct./Nov. 2013 issue.

Block 3 is in the upper right hand corner in the original quilt. It is set on point, so this is the proper orientation for my Block 3:

2014-1 RFTS dlw Block 3 on point
Reach for the Stars Block 3, on point


I have two spectacular Jacobean florals in my fabric mix and will be looking for ways to use them. Perhaps I should challenge myself to incorporate a fussy-cut image into every block.

I made the center medallion block a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve added a black strip, the first of two sashings:

2014-1 RFTS medallion with sashing
Medallion with one of two sashing strips


The medallion block now measures 26″ square; on point it measures 37″ at the widest point. Once I have a few more blocks made, I’ll decide whether the second set of sashing strips should be aqua or green.




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7 Responses to Reach for the Stars: Block 3

  1. Venita Davis says:

    Your use of the florals, with “fussy cutting” is stunning! I’m so impressed! The quilt is off to an exceptional start!

  2. Vickie Rooks says:

    This is going to be a stunning quilt! Did you serge the edges because it was a bias edge? I think the black makes the block really pop!

  3. Dawn says:

    The edges are not serged, Vickie. What you see on the edges of the green fabric in Block 3 is a printed line, part of a border stripe.

  4. Auntie Em says:

    I love the blocks you have made so far. I have not yet found a floral/paisley type fabric that would be a good fit for this pattern, but I’m still looking.

  5. Denise Carbaugh says:

    I am also starting on the “Reach for the Stars quilt” but struggling on the center medallion. Can you tell me what the dimensions should be for the “inter square” which in the quilt above is black surrounded by white? and then the dimensions once you add the next row? I have studied the pattern and can’t find this information. Appreciate the help.

    • Dawn says:

      Denise, I am excited to hear that you are starting on “Reach for the Stars!” I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems getting that center star to fit. The block finishes at 6″, with the center square finishing at 3″. The corner squares finish at 1 1/2″ square, and the flying geese sections between the corner squares finish at 1-1/2″ x 3″. I will email you privately to give you information about how I cut my fabrics and constructed the block. Please, tell us what color palette you are using! My fellow “Reach for the Stars” makers will definitely want to know!

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