Sidetracked . . . by Reach for the Stars

Perhaps you thought this post would be about Block 5 in Reach for the Stars, the series quilt in Quilter’s Newsletter magazine that I — and a few likeminded quilters — embarked on a couple of months ago. I finished Block 4 last week and intended to start right away on the next one.

Instead I made a new Block 1 . . . out of a completely different set of fabrics:

2014-2 RFTS Block 1 Wm Morris
A New Block 1


Am I making a second version of Reach for the Stars? I’m not sure! Then why did I make this block? Well, my friend Colleen has been thinking about reaching for the stars, too. Her stash includes several pieces from the Morris Tapestry and Morris Apprentice lines of fabric, both by Barbara Brackman for Moda. I have a few (ahem) pieces of those fabrics myself. I wanted to see how they would play together in a block, perhaps giving Colleen a little boost to join our party.

Here is the block on point, with those birds of a feather properly oriented:

on point
On Point


And I’m not the only one with a new block to show off. Jennifer Thacker of Houston, Texas shared a photo of her Block 1:

2014-2 RFTS Jennifer T Block 1
Jennifer Thacker’s Block 1

Jennifer was able to find most of the fabrics used in designer Terri Krysan’s quilt, which graced the Oct./Nov. 2013 cover of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine. That paisley print in the center of the block — so rich and lush — is a substitute. I think it is even more beautiful than the original!






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3 Responses to Sidetracked . . . by Reach for the Stars

  1. Linda says:

    I like that approach! Tell Colleen that if she can use a few more “ahem, pieces” from those collections I *might* have one or two to contribute! I’ve been sitting on a selection of those W. Morris prints for, well, you can figure out how many years. Loving your progress on these projects!

  2. Colleen says:

    Wow! Now it’s public pressure, LOL! Ok, I give. But you’re going to have to teach me to fussy cut as perfectly as you do ;D! Can’t wait to begin Teach.

  3. Glad to hear Colleen is on board! Dawn – will you be donating your block to her quilt, or continuining a second quilt on your own? I’m so tied up at work right now, I can’t get back to this yet. One more week and I can get back to it. And my blog site is kind of messed up right now. Can’t wait to catch back up to you! Jennifer Gwyn

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