Another Jennifer Reaching for the Stars!

Yes, a new member has joined the club of quilters around the country making Reach for the Stars, the sampler quilt pictured below. In addition to Jennifer Gwyn and Jennifer Thacker, both of Houston, Texas, we now have Jennifer Varney of Hudson, New Hampshire. Welcome, Jennifer!

Reach for the Stars, Designed by Terri Krysan of Lakeville, Minnesota


Jennifer V’s palette is pewter, gold, blue, and black. She is using two focus fabrics in her quilt: an ornate border print by Robert Kaufman that she bought recently and a colonial reproduction of silver and gold poinsettias on cream by Windham Fabrics that’s been in her stash for eight years — waiting for just the right project.

Here is Jennifer’s center medallion:

Jennifer V center medallion
Jennifer Varney’s Center Medallion

Wow! And now for her beautiful blocks:

Jennifer V block 1
Jennifer Varney’s Block 1


Jennifer V block 2
Jennifer Varney’s Block 2


Jennifer V block 3
Jennifer Varney’s Block 3


Jennifer V block 4
Jennifer Varney’s Block 4


Jennifer V block 5
Jennifer Varney’s Block 5

Jennifer noted an “oops” moment in Block 5, when she read the measurements without her glasses on. That little strip of dark fabric on each side will disappear when she adds a dark sashing strip to the block.

And now a look at Jennifer’s center medallion with all five of her blocks to date:

Jennifer V medallion and first four blocks
Jennifer Varney’s medallion and first five blocks


And finally, a close-up of some of her fabrics:

Jennifer V fabric closeup

Such sumptuous fabrics and rich colors!

Did you happen to notice that Jennifer’s blocks aren’t on point? She’s going to modify the pattern and use a straight setting. Why? As she explains it, “One, I don’t want to make it as big as the designer’s quilt, and two, that is what my fabrics are telling me.” I understand completely!

To see the most recent blocks of the Texas Jennifers as well as Sherri Crisp of Knoxville, Tennessee, check out Jennifer G’s blog, Seams Crazy. And please do check back in with me. I just may have another block to show you myself soon.




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6 Responses to Another Jennifer Reaching for the Stars!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post the story of my quilt.

    I look forward to seeing the progress of all the other RFTS quilts! This is a great project to get immersed in for the creativity

  2. Dawn says:

    You are most welcome, Jennifer V! Is that a batik in the center of your medallion and in Block 3? I really like to see batiks incorporated into traditional quilts. . .

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, it’s a batik. It also appears in blocks 2 and 4. I love using batiks as blenders when the color is right.

  3. Beautiful show and tell Dawn. Welcome … Jennifer!! Something in the water I guess 🙂

  4. Jennifer B says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Hope there’s room for one more Jennifer! After looking at all these beautiful tops in progress, I decided to purchase digital copies of the magazine so I could make one as well. I’m using Kate Spain’s Sunnyside fabric and worked on the medallion portion today. It’s such a fun pattern so thanks for blogging about it!
    ~Jennifer (in Oregon)

  5. Jennifer V. says:

    I will be following the progress of all of you on your blogs. Nice to have a team of Jennifers along with Dawn.

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