Fabric Facelift

The ottoman in the master bedroom at my twin sister Diane’s house got a facelift, a new custom cover I made for it:

ottoman 1
The original upholstered cover fell victim to the claws of Diane and Ed’s dear departed cat Alex. The newly slipcovered ottoman looks right at home in front of an easy chair in her bedroom:

ottoman 2
Here’s a view that includes a peek at Midnight in the Garden, the quilt I gave Diane for her 60th birthday:

ottoman 3
The newly covered ottoman actually has a fraternal twin (hey, just like me!):

Custom ottoman slipcover by Dawn White

This is the slipcover I made four years ago when I was visiting Diane over Thanksgiving. My goal was to make this look like an upholstered piece, since I’m not a fan of slipcovers. It was a real seat-of-the-pants project, since I had never made a slipcover or upholstered anything. When I started working on the new one, all I had to do was look at the old one to refresh my memory on how I had made it. No need to reinvent the wheel!




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2 Responses to Fabric Facelift

  1. Diane says:

    Alas, our cat-scratched ottomans are all that remain of our two cats, Brittany and Alex, who lived for 22 and 24 years respectively as beloved pets in our home. Dawn’s transformation of these foot stools is remarkable and I’m thrilled! Call me sentimental but I’m glad the scratches are still there under beautiful cover.

    Thanks again Nubs – you really are the best and absolutely our most wonderful family treasure.

  2. AnnMarie says:

    Welcome home! Hope to see you on Thursday.

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