Quilt-Along Update . . .

I wrote in an earlier post about my very first Quilt-Along, hosted by Jenny of sewkindofwonderful.com. A few weeks have passed since the Quilt-Along officially ended and I’ve finally finished the top of one of the projects I started:

baby marta’s quilt


It measures 48″ square, a good size for a baby quilt. I’m toying with the idea of using curves in the border but will wait till I’ve quilted it before making a final decision.

And here’s a little something I made recently for my friend Vivienne’s birthday:

Viv’s rotary cutter case





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2 Responses to Quilt-Along Update . . .

  1. Reigh says:

    Interesting that the bottom center square has pink corners and the others are all blue – was that the plan? Baby Marta will love it, I’m sure! A curvy border would be very cute!

    • DawnWhite says:

      Reigh, you are the first one to notice my rogue block! I decided to make a few blocks with the colors in the 9-patch reversed, with the idea of perhaps alternating them in the final layout, but after making a couple blocks I found I didn’t like them as well. Just for fun I put one in the quilt top and I’ll probably put the other one on the back.

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