Reach for the Stars: Front and Back

I’m excited to show you a full frontal shot of Catch a Falling Star (CAFS), my sampler quilt based on Terri Krysan’s Reach for the Stars quilt. CAFS was photographed last week by Bill Volckening, quiltmaker, collector, author, historian, and blogger, to name a few of his pursuits. I have no wall or floor space in my home large enough to capture the entire quilt, which measures 84″ x 105″ after quilting, in a photo. Fortunately, there was plenty of room in Bill’s studio.

Here is Catch a Falling Star from the front: CAFS front BV photo 800and from the back:

CAFS back BV photo 800In a future post I’ll take you on a little tour of Catch a Falling Star, block by block. I’ll show you some close-ups of Loretta Orsborn’s lovely quilting and share a couple of fun facts about the making of the quilt.




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11 Responses to Reach for the Stars: Front and Back

  1. lisa phillips says:

    just stunning Dawn!

  2. Rosalee says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Dawn!

  3. I’m happy you’re pleased with the pictures. A stunning quilt, wonderful to see it!

  4. Leslie Goldsmith says:

    Now that’s the full Monty! WOW! You are quite incredible and the quilting is wonderful!

  5. Charlie says:

    Falling stars from a real star.

  6. It’s beautifull Dawn. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to see the quilting.

  7. Charlotte Quiroz says:

    Wonderful! Is this a pattern you sell?

    • Dawn says:

      This is not my pattern, Char! The quilt was designed by Terri Krysan, a Minnesota quilter. Quilter’s Newsletter magazine put out the instructions over seven issues (Oct/Nov 2013 – Oct/Nov 2014). I swapped out three blocks and made some other changes to the original.

  8. Vickie says:

    The pictures are great. You must be so very proud of this stunning quilt!

  9. Jeanne says:

    Wow! Looks like a magazine cover! *wink*

  10. Diane says:

    This is your finest work to date, but this takes nothing away from your previous creations. I stand in awe and am sincerely humbled by your talent – how is it we are twins???

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