Snapshots Quilt-Along: Block 2

Like so many in the quilting community, I am enchanted by the Snapshots quilt you see above, designed by the mother-daughter team of Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelley. Each woman is a talented quilt designer in her own right; as Bonnie and Camille, they design fabric for Moda. They collaborated to design this sampler quilt celebrating moments of happiness in our lives. The quilt is the centerpiece of a year-long Quilt-Along organized by the Fat Quarter Shop and Moda Fabrics for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I willingly donated to this worthy cause and am downloading instructions as they are released on the 15th of each month, even though at this point I don’t plan to make the entire quilt. I do plan to make at least two blocks.

Many happy moments in my life have been spent in front of my sewing machine, so I knew as soon as I saw Snapshots that I would make February’s block, named “Sew On and Sew On” by the designers. Here is my version:

Snapshots block 2-15

How do you like the “knobs” on my sewing machine? My color scheme was dictated by the piece of fabric in my stash that strip came from.

Bonnie and Camille’s block measures 12½” x 16½”. Since I’m not incorporating my block into a quilt, I added strips to the top and bottom and widened the side strips. My block measures 15″ x 17½”. I’m thinking about framing it and hanging it in my sewing room.

As the end of this month is mere hours away (how quickly it flew by!), I’m claiming this as my final February finish.




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7 Responses to Snapshots Quilt-Along: Block 2

  1. Barb says:

    I love your knobs and thread. I’m going to copy your idea. Love the colors too. Great job.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Clever knobs! Adorable.

  3. Thelma says:

    Great job, I love your sewing machine. That’s one of my favorite blocks for the Snapshots SewAlong. So glad you joined the club, even if it was for just one block!

  4. Diane says:

    A perfect addition to your sewing room!!

  5. Colleen C. says:

    It turned out beautifully Dawn!

  6. Love it Dawn! I’m still undecided on how I will use my blocks at the moment. I’ll probably end up doing all of them out of sheer OCD. I was thinking though, if I was to do the sewing machine as a wall hanging, I would have to try pulling some perle thread through the “needle” and “bobbin” and just let them hang loose like a little 3D effect. It probably looks better in my minds eye, but that is what I was thinking. Love your spool too – found a perfect selection for it!

    • Dawn says:

      Jennifer, I am also toying with the idea of embellishing my sewing machine with thread, perhaps by embroidering. And have you seen pictures of other blocks with buttons added? So cute!

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