A Friday Finish: Billie’s Star

May I present Billie’s Star  — pieced, quilted, bound, and labeled:

2015-4, Billie's Star, 55x54
This is one of those “just for fun” quilts. It wasn’t planned at all. I simply gave into the urge one day in late January to play around with a large star block, using a lovely floral print left over from my previous project, a quilted bed runner. The quilt is named after my mentor and teacher Billie Mahorney, well known for her love of star motifs in quilts.

These stars blocks are 24″ square (including the dark blue rings around them). The quilt measures 56″ x 55″. It’s not a perfect square because the quilting I selected, gentle horizontal waves, caused the quilt to draw up on the lengthwise measurement. I could have trimmed it to be square but then the border strips wouldn’t have been even.

Leftover squares of the focus fabric went on the back:

201504, Billie's Star back, 55x54
The label is an inset circle in a square:

2015-4, Billie's Star (label)

Billie’s Star
is my fourth finished quilt of 2015. One a month! Can I possibly keep up this pace?




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6 Responses to A Friday Finish: Billie’s Star

  1. Charlie says:

    You’d never know it wasn’t planned. Very nice.

  2. Diane says:

    What a wonderful thing to name a “Dawn Quilt” after your mentor Billie. I have never met her but I appreciate the way you talk about her influence on your quilting. Lovely quilt, Nubs!!

  3. Colleen says:

    Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it in person :).

  4. Some very profitable “playing around.” Nice restful blue quilt.

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