What a Square!

In my last post I commented on the issue with my latest quilt, Billie’s Starnot being perfectly square. Before quilting it measured 57″ square. After being quilted and bound, it finished at 56″ x 55.” The discrepancy was caused by the motif I chose, a wavy design across the horizontal surface of the quilt that caused the quilt to draw up more lengthwise:

2015-4, Billie's Star, 55x54 (2)

Instead of trimming my quilt square before binding, I opted to keep the outer border strips the same size. In retrospect that may have been a mistake. I could easily have trimmed ½” off the two long sides so that the quilt finished at 55″ square.

Should I have done that? Would anybody else (besides my obsessive compulsive self) even notice that the border strips weren’t the same size?

Now I am wondering: how do other quiltmakers deal with this discrepancy? I would really love to know.




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6 Responses to What a Square!

  1. VirginiaH says:

    lol! I’ve never noticed! If it’s important to a design to be square on finish, and one is picking a quilting design that is likely to pucker up unevenly, then, it makes sense to include extra on the top that can be trimmed down.

  2. anna chek says:

    Dawn, I’m not a quilter, but I’m obsessive about some things, so I would probably notice. But it would not bother me! It’s such a beautiful piece of art.

  3. Vickie says:

    Dearest, size is but one aspect of your lovely quilt. It is finished! It is masterfully pieced! The quilting adds to the design. Did I mention, it is finished! Will anyone else notice it is not a square? Will everyone notice how stunning the finished quilt is and be impressed? It is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t think anyone in the world will notice – either way. Do what makes your heart sing!

  5. Diana W says:

    I say don’t sweat the small stuff. By the time quilts are washed and loved they all are a different size than they ended up. Unless you are entering this in some national show, let it go!

  6. AnnMarie says:

    To me, it’s ok if it isn’t totally square. I didn’t see you after show and tell at PMQG, but the quilting is so perfect!

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