Casing the Joint

This weekend I made three and a half pairs of pillowcases. Two of the pairs are gifts so I can’t show them off until they’ve been delivered. The third pair is for the Portland White House. And the single case? On a whim I made it today to take with me when I go away to Quilt Camp in the fall.

I haven’t made pillowcases in a couple of years. Would you believe I had to go to my own tutorial to be reminded of a couple key steps?

2015-8, cases for the White House

As you can see, these cases feature a contrasting accent strip and a narrow folded flange. What you can’t see is that there are no exposed seams on the inside of the cases, first because of the “roll it up” method that encases the raw edges of the bottom band in a seam and then the French seam that finishes the case.

That blue and white floral print (Blue Palace by Johnny Karwan for Clothworks Textiles) has been in my stash for about six years. Regular readers who know of my fondness for accumulating fabric — witness my last post — will be glad to know I am using at least some of it!

Last year I bought a few pieces of fabric from a fun line called Sewing Box by Gina Martin for Moda. It features zippers and snaps and straight pins — very whimsical. Here’s the pillowcase made from that fabric:

2015-8, singleton case for quilt camp
The snaps on the folded flange fabric are just a quarter of an inch in diameter. Take a closer look:

2015-8, pillowcase fabric detail
If you haven’t made pillowcases before, I recommend you give it a try. They make wonderful gifts, and it’s always a pleasure to sleep on one you’ve made yourself. I’m sleeping on a new one tonight.




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5 Responses to Casing the Joint

  1. Fawn says:

    I’d say you cased the joint really well. I usually only use three colors, but four- I love it! The zipper pulls, snaps, pins and quilting lines – perfect for quilt camp! :-))

  2. Diane says:

    Very, very cha cha! And, I’m glad you are making p’cases for your own use! I feel a bit guilty that I probably have more sets of Noobie p’cases in my house than you do in yours! I do ever so love to iron them, which I plan to do today. If I have forgotten to tell you lately, you really are the best!

  3. char quiroz says:

    I made pillow cases this weekend, too! Only mine have Spider Man on them! ha ha.

  4. Sandy says:

    I made pillowcases out of that same blue floral fabric recently. I would like to know more about theory land White House. Your pillowcases are beautiful!

  5. Jeanne says:

    That blue floral print looks like blue-and-white china. Imagine that.

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