Junior Billie Bags

The Junior Billie Bag is a scaled down version of the wonderful quilter’s tote designed by Billie Mahorney, who taught for many years at the Pine Needle Quilt Shop (now home to Montavilla Sewing Center) in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Billie moved to Idaho in 2009, returning to the Pine Needle a couple of times to teach other quilters how to make her bag. In 2015 she gave me her blessing to teach her design. Over time I have made a few modifications to the smaller version.

I am often asked if there is a pattern for the Junior Billie Bag. The answer is no. Billie never wanted to write a pattern for this tote, preferring to teach her design in class where she could demonstrate the special techniques that go into its construction.

JBB #11, Summer 2022
JBB #10, for Dawn, fall 2019
JBB #9, for Cheryl S., winter 2019
JBB #8, For Vickie R., fall 2018


JBB #7, For Vickie S., fall 2017


JBB #6, winter 2017


JBB #5, For Miriam, fall 2016


JBB #4, For Deborah, spring 2016


JBB #3, winter 2016


JBB #2, for Vivienne, summer 2013


JBB #1, spring 2012

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