About Dawn


Welcome! I’m Dawn White: quiltmaker, sewing enthusiast, Scrabble nut, and owner of First Light Designs, a small quilt and home sewing pattern business. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Charlie and our little black cat Theodora (Theo for short).

I hope you’ll visit often to see what I’m working on and dreaming about.

Click here to email me with questions about my patterns and projects.

10 Responses to About Dawn

  1. Anne says:

    Dawn your quilts are breathtaking! I am not sure which one I like best, but the back of your “Town” quilt is absolut special!! so is the back of “Rambling Rose”!
    What a super web site! Thank you!

  2. barbie says:

    everything looks really good. my favorite is rambling rose. congratulations!
    your site is very professional. good job!

  3. Nancy Goldman says:

    Welcome to the blog world, Dawn! As usual your sewn objects are beautifully done….congrats!

  4. Billie says:

    Dawn….You are truly awesome!! Your designs are beautiful. I sure do miss our sewing times.

  5. Shirley Weissenfluh says:

    I don’t quilt, but you are a fantastic stepdaughter and have a great knowledge of the quilting world!!! I do enjoy reading your blog!! Hugs, Shirl

  6. Martha S says:

    HI Dawn,
    Just found your blog and its wonderful!!! Hooray for you!!! Makes me think about wanting to do one – soon!! I’ll be starting an Etsy store selling vintage collectables and vintage textile items, so I’ll keep you posted once its LIVE :-)
    Hope all is well – miss visiting with you and Vickie. Best wishes and BIG hugs,

  7. Nubs says:

    From your twin sister, who is the happy beneficiary of many of your wonderful designs, you must know – YOU ARE THE BEST!

  8. Cecile Mitchell says:

    Your designs are gorgeous. You are so talented.

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