About Dawn


Welcome! I’m Dawn White: quiltmaker, sewing enthusiast, Scrabble nut, and owner of First Light Designs, a small quilt and home sewing pattern business. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Charlie and our little black cat Theodora (Theo for short).

I hope you’ll visit often to see what I’m working on and dreaming about.

Click here to email me with questions about my patterns and projects.

9 Responses to About Dawn

  1. Anne says:

    Dawn your quilts are breathtaking! I am not sure which one I like best, but the back of your “Town” quilt is absolut special!! so is the back of “Rambling Rose”!
    What a super web site! Thank you!

  2. barbie says:

    everything looks really good. my favorite is rambling rose. congratulations!
    your site is very professional. good job!

  3. Nancy Goldman says:

    Welcome to the blog world, Dawn! As usual your sewn objects are beautifully done….congrats!

  4. Billie says:

    Dawn….You are truly awesome!! Your designs are beautiful. I sure do miss our sewing times.

  5. Shirley Weissenfluh says:

    I don’t quilt, but you are a fantastic stepdaughter and have a great knowledge of the quilting world!!! I do enjoy reading your blog!! Hugs, Shirl

  6. Martha S says:

    HI Dawn,
    Just found your blog and its wonderful!!! Hooray for you!!! Makes me think about wanting to do one – soon!! I’ll be starting an Etsy store selling vintage collectables and vintage textile items, so I’ll keep you posted once its LIVE :-)
    Hope all is well – miss visiting with you and Vickie. Best wishes and BIG hugs,

  7. Nubs says:

    From your twin sister, who is the happy beneficiary of many of your wonderful designs, you must know – YOU ARE THE BEST!

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