Friday Finish: WanderLust

Well, that was fast.

Just yesterday I showed you pictures of WanderLust, the king-size bed runner I picked up on Wednesday from longarm quilter Coleen Barnhardt of the Quilted Thistle. The bed runner needed to be bound and labeled — and that’s been done.

As good as my quilt looked after Coleen worked her free motion quilting magic on it, it looks even better now that it’s bound:

WanderLust complete

WanderLust back and front

Are you surprised I got it bound so quickly? It would have taken me hours to stitch down the binding by hand. Confession: I took the easy way out and fused the binding in place in a matter of minutes with Steam-a-Seam-2, a double-stick fusible web.

I use Steam-a-Seam-2 occasionally on wall hangings and other small pieces that won’t get washed. It should be just fine for this bed runner that will be laundered but not as often as, say, a baby quilt. (Actually, a fusible web should never wash out or come undone if applied properly. I used it on this quilt because I was in a hurry to get it done; my preference is for a binding stitched down by hand.)

The label is a bit unconventional. In fact, it’s not a label at all. I mentioned yesterday that this quilt is reversible so I didn’t want to attach a label as I normally do. Here’s what I did instead:


Can you see where I wrote “WANDERLUST, DAWN WHITE, 2016 PORTLAND OR” in permanent ink? It’s hard to see (my plan) but it’s there. I like to include information on my labels about the patterns and designers but I skipped it in this case. Let this post be a permanent record that WanderLust was based on the pattern Spinners by Heather Mulder Peterson. Spinners is one of several delightful designs in her book On the Run Again (Anka’s Treasures, 2014).

My new cat Coco must really like this quilt. She photobombed it:

Coco photobomb





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6 Responses to Friday Finish: WanderLust

  1. Reigh Hays says:

    I absolutely love it!

  2. Kristi says:

    I love your bed runner and I finally made out your “label,” after a moment or two of staring at your photo! Great idea. Coco is so cute!! What a beautiful kitty on a beautiful bed runner.

  3. Nancy Stanley says:

    Love it! Coco looks like she is going to fit into your household just fine! A Calico quilting kitten!!

  4. Tracy Hayes says:

    It’s beautiful and your label is creatively camouflaged. Love it and your feline friend!

  5. Diane says:

    It’s a winner, and I can tell our Reigh is thrilled! You sure know how to make happy sisters, Nubs!!

  6. Jeanne says:

    Clever label solution.
    Every sewing project has to be approved by the resident kitty. Now it’s kitty-tested.
    Any cat also has to get in the middle of whatever is being read. And any proper afghan must be napped upon.
    Coco knows she must be the center of attention!

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