Where It’s @: Quilted!

Last month when I finished piecing Where It’s @, my wonky Greek key quilt made using Karla Alexander‘s pattern Rewind, I was pretty pumped. Now that Where It’s @ is quilted, I’m even more excited. I think you’ll understand why when you see it:

Karlee Sandell
, the same talented longarm quilter who did the custom quilting on Stella by Starlight (subject of my last post), quilted an edge-to-edge design on this one. The undulating curves are the perfect counterpoint to the sharp angles of the wonky Greek key blocks. Here’s a close-up of four blocks:


When selecting fabrics I started with a basic color scheme of green, orange, and purple, with values ranging from light to medium-dark to dark. My definition of purple stretched to include cornflower blue and a bright orange-red. I needed a thread for quilting that would look good on all of these colors. My first thought was a variegated thread but then I decided to go with one color that would work well across the surface of the quilt. Karlee and I auditioned khaki, straw, and light olive threads. Khaki was the clear winner.

I almost always piece a backing with elements borrowed from the front. Not this time. Out of my stash came a large-scale batik print I bought a few years ago while on a visit to Georgia. I had no idea at the time how I might use the fabric. It seemed to be perfect for the back of Where It’s @:

This close-up of the back shows how well the khaki thread works on the leafy print:

Since the back doesn’t include any design elements carried over from the front, I’m going to incorporate one for the label. That should be a fun addition.

I am so grateful to Karlee for getting Where It’s @ quilted in record time. She was able to squeeze it in ahead of a couple of custom quilts so that I can get it bound and labeled in short order. Why the hurry? So it can be displayed in the Pine Needle, the quilt shop where I teach. I’m going to teach this design in February 2017!




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9 Responses to Where It’s @: Quilted!

  1. Merethe says:

    Hi Dawn. Love it, and the way she has quilted it. I just started to piece my blocks, did the first row today. Looking forward to finishing it. I may have to quilt it myself, and got a good idea how to.
    Thank you Merethe

  2. Diane says:

    My senses are in total happy overload here! Read my comment on your last post about Stella By Starlight. Big time ditto here!

    Oh, and the fabric on the back of this one is spectacular. When you display this one on one of your racks, you simply MUST turn back one corner to reveal the back. If I displayed this on a bed, I would be turning the quilt over every week to enjoy both sides.

    SO very well done, Nubs. And Karlee is a quilting genius!

  3. Vickie says:

    Dawn, The undulating curves are great! Really like how this turned out. It is so close to being another quilt finished! Yay! Your students are going to love this class.
    Vickie R

  4. Jeanne-mariel says:

    Sew beautiful!

  5. That right there is the piece that I am missing – the creative aspect of seeing the best quilt design to do on my quilt tops. She did a great job and it looks perfect with your Wonky Greek Key blocks. What a great finish!

  6. Lisa D'Andrea says:

    You’re the coolest, Dawn. This is something to get excited about. Love the back as much as the front!!!

  7. Jeanne says:

    The wavy quilting is inspired. Well done, both of you.
    Very striking.

  8. Alycia says:

    Great quilt – and the quilting really enhances it! I love the colors of this one!

  9. Claudia McCarter says:

    I really love this pattern! Your choice of colors is inspired as is the quilting! A true winner in all categories!

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