A Confession

Five years ago or so, I bought a couple yards of New York-themed fabric from a Timeless Treasures line called “Central Park.” In 2014 I used a bit of the fabric to line the inside of this tote bag, the Bow Tucks Tote by QuiltsIllustrated.

Here’s a peek inside at the lining:

Regular readers may remember reading about it in this post from 2014.

Fast forward to 2018. I used most of the remaining lining fabric for the backing of my latest quilt, Checkerboard CurvesAll I had left was this remnant . . .

. . . measuring about 9″ x 26″.

I was sorry to use it up and briefly considered searching the Internet for more. I constantly fight the impulse to replace a loved fabric when it’s gone, reminding myself that there will always be new pieces of fabric to catch my fancy. All it took was a look at the size of my fabric stash to convince me that adding to it was probably not a good idea.

But then . . . my friend Barbara, who is making her own black-and-white version of this quilt based on the pattern Dancing Churndash, asked me for selvage information on my backing fabric, hoping she could find enough for the backing of her quilt. Given the length of time since my initial purchase, I wasn’t very optimistic that Barb would find some. However, she embarked on a search of the Internet and I joined in on her behalf.

Well . . . guess what? I found enough fabric online for the backing of Barb’s quilt. And then Barb found some more! And now — here comes the confession — look what I have:

Four more yards of fabric to love!





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14 Responses to A Confession

  1. Anna says:

    Dearest Dawn, My first morning laugh, and I can so relate. You should see what I accumulated and brought back from the US on our 2016 trip. I think you were in Atlanta. I had to buy some under-the-bed storage bins, and I can’t budge them myself, they’re so heavy! Anyway, so much fabric, and I have yet to even thread my sewing machine since moving from Paris…..The shame is overwhelming. LOL!

  2. anna says:

    And, I can see why you fell in love with that fabric. I’m a sucker for Paris-themed fabrics, and have about three yards of some that I dearly love. Maybe we should say some Hail Marys together over SKYPE.

  3. Nancy says:

    It happens to all of us❤️Glad you found more of the fabric that makes you happy.

  4. Vickie says:

    Oh my goodness! I guess congratulations are in order but not if that means I am enabling you.

  5. Jeanne says:

    “But then…”
    Sounds like me with chocolate and tea.

  6. Charlotte says:

    You are too funny!!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Oh and PS I LOVE your tote!

  8. Diane says:

    Oh Nubs, you have ‘fabric lust’ pretty bad, but please note I didn’t call it hoarding!! On the bright side, I can hardly wait to see what project will contain the newly purchased stash. Sew on!

    • Charlie says:

      But hoarding was the correct word. I used it on myself this morning when I looked at my road maps. It’s an uncurable disease.

  9. Sandy Vick says:

    Hahaha! We’re all the same! How funny! I wish I couldn’t relate, but unfortunately, I can.

  10. Jo Ann Janes says:

    Do we call this an illness or a joy! I think it is joy!

  11. Claudia McCarter says:

    Congrats on your great find!
    Thanks for standing up for online shopping! It’s been given a bad rap lately as contributing to the closures of many brick and mortar quilt shops. I don’t believe the fault lies there. I’ve seen shops close due to retirement of owners, poor location or poor management.
    A thriving quilt shop will survive with good management, personable sales people, diverse inspiring fabric and classes, and up to date marketing skills. We will never resist the attraction to buy a lovely new fabric when we can hold it in our very own hands!

    • Dawn says:

      I agree, Claudia! I do prefer to buy fabric from local quilt shops — after all, who can resist petting fabric? Not me! But I will head to the Internet if I can’t find what I’m looking for locally.

  12. Colleen says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!! I am so NOT surprised, my beloved friend. A certain Tanya Whelan fabric of your past comes to mind, LOL. Oh, but how we all do it. I choose to believe I support you, not enable. Although I do recall a few times I have encouraged you in your acquisitions :). So much fun!!!

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