Love Rocks

Always has, always will!

May I present my latest quilt finish? It’s called All You Need Is Love based on the pattern Love Rocks from the new book Text Me from Sew Kind of Wonderful:

The book features several sizes of alphabets made using Sew Kind of Wonderful’s new Wonder Curve ruler. I like to piece the backs of my quilts so I decided to have some fun with the alphabet and carry a message from the front of the quilt to the back:

My little quilt — 38″ x 44″ — sports an edge-to-edge quilting design. I wanted something modern and was attracted to this design that looks a bit like doodling:

“Modern Ties” is a whimsical design that offers a pleasing counterpoint to the precision of the letters. Sherry Wadley did such a nice job on this for me. The quilting enhances the design of the quilt without overpowering it, just the effect I was going for.

A lot of quilters I know don’t enjoy binding their quilts but I do. Stitching down the binding on this quilt was a breeze both because the quilt is small and because I used a nifty little “sticky thimble” to push the needle through the fabric:

The thimble is called a Poke-a-Dot — how cute is that? — and comes in a little round tin containing 24 dots. Each thimble can be used multiple times so I probably have a lifetime supply. I could have ordered just the small tin of Poke-A-Dots but I treated myself to a bigger tin — the full Appliqué Set from Jillily Studio — several weeks ago:

Having learned how to do needleturn appliqué last year in the making of Give Me the Simple Life, I’m interested in learning other approaches. And I do confess that the tin this appliqué set comes in influenced my decision to purchase it. (This is not a paid endorsement, by the way; I just happen to like these products.)

Another confession: I jumped the gun in showing you my latest quilt. It’s not quite finished. Still to come: the label.




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5 Responses to Love Rocks

  1. Charlie White says:

    Interesting that while the small letters on the reverse have no obviously curved surfaces, they look like junior letters to those in LOVE.

  2. Dawn says:

    Take another look, Charlie! The small letters on the back DO have curved surfaces. I’ll show you the real thing. 😉

  3. Diane says:

    What a fun loving quilt!!

    And just love all the polkadots, including the one on your finger. 😉

  4. Vickie Rooks says:

    Oh, this turned out so well. Your work is such a joy to look at! I really like the quilting pattern you chose; it enhances the quilt very nicely.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, Vickie! If I were doing this again I would ask my quilter to reduce the scale of the motif a bit. I’m not a fan of super dense quilting but, given the amount of negative space in this quilt, I think a smaller scale design would have worked well here. Something to keep in mind for future quilts.

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